I Actually Feel So Bad For These 23 Adults Who Went Through Life Thinking They Were Normal Until Someone Said, "Um, WTF Are You Doing?!"

Have you ever had a moment where you brought up something from childhood (maybe a memory or specific phrase) that you thought was totally innocuous, and the people around you were like, "huh????" And, in that moment, you realized that your experience actually was not normal at all and maybe a little strange?

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Well, you're not alone. We recently rounded up some baffling and hilarious stories from the BuzzFeed Community, and the responses kept coming! Here are even more enjoyable tales:

1."As a way of expressing skepticism when I was in my teens, my mom would use the phrase, 'sure, and maybe monkeys will fly out of my a—.' I did not realize it wasn't a common phrase until I said it to friends. I guess it was something a friend of hers said, and she liked it, so she adopted it. I still use it with close friends sometimes. I think it should catch on."


2."My mom's side of the family always called heartburn/acid reflux 'achita', and slow walkers 'chutta-chutta's; whenever my dad or I needed something handed to us, we'd say, 'hand me that piano.'"


3."My mom thought 'going commando' meant like going crazy. I learned this when she had an issue with her bank, and she texted me that she was going to go commando on them…"

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4."When my son was around six, he called diarrhoea 'melty poohs,' and we still use it 25 years later, lol."


5.My pre-K classroom had an ABC chart with different words for every letter, and N was Narwhal. My 28-year-old (at the time) dad, VERY LOUDLY, said, 'NARWHALS AREN'T REAL.'"


6."We always referred to a table lamp as the 'little light' and a ceiling light as the 'big light' When my now-husband and I were dating, I went over to his place to watch movies and he got confused when I asked him if we can turn the 'big light' off and put the 'little light' on. Twenty years later, even our kids now refer to it as the big and little light."

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7."I learned the hard way that not everyone has seen the movie Airplane, and if you say, 'Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue' in mixed company, people might be confused."


8."When I was a kid, we would get wheels of Colby cheese at the store, and when we cut out a piece in a triangle shape, it looked like Pac Man, so it has been Pac Man Cheese ever since (I'm 45). My kids call hard-boiled eggs round eggs and omelets flat circle eggs. That's what we all call them now."


9."My mom called breasts 'bluebirds,' and I assumed that was normal until high school."


10.“'Oh that means the devil is spanking his wife,' I told my now-wife when it was sunny and raining. She looked at me HORRIFIED! I'd been told this since I was a kid. How inappropriate, and now that I have a kid, WTF kind of message are you teaching kids with this?"

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11."My parents always taught me to keep a toolbox in the trunk of the car for emergencies. But we never secured the toolbox, so it would slide around and thump in the trunk when turning or going over bumps. One day, my younger cousins were visiting, and we were on our way back after going to see a play at my high school (I was always involved in the shows as part of the tech crew, so I had to be at every show and this time, we took my cousins to entertain them). My cousins were obsessed with this girl Emily, who'd been in the play and kept asking us when they'd be able to see Emily again. So, when we went over a bump, and they asked what made the sound in the trunk, we said it was Emily. For whatever reason, it stuck, so now any time we need tools from the trunk, we talk about 'grabbing Emily.'"


12."Growing up, the TV remote was called, 'channel changer.' Once in a while, I automatically refer to it as the channel changer. For the most part, people have a good idea of what it translates to."


13."When we were kids, my little cousin said belched or pooted, and said, 'excuse me, I burted.' She'll never be able to live it down. We keep a lot of mispronounced words going in my family."


14."In my extended family, 'seppies?' is a question you ask a small child or a dog to suggest they should go to bed and/or take a nap (I assume it's a mispronunciation of sleep), but we still use it among the adults when someone's being a bit cranky or seems tired."

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15."My great aunt Mertis and great uncle Curtis were twins. Whenever the family would be driving anywhere, each car had a walkie-talkie. Whenever Mertis would be driving and couldn’t keep up, she would walkie-talkie and ask how fast he was going, and the answer was always, '32 Mertis.' Anytime my family is together, if someone asks a question and the answer is 32, it's always, '32 Mertis.'"


16."I have no idea how it started, but as a child, my family always referred to the living room as ‘the other room.’ I didn’t know the term ‘living room’ until I was in middle school!"


17."My husband’s name is Kyle. My mischievous 2-year-old son thinks it’s hilarious to call us by our names instead of Mom and Dad. So when we raked up a pile of leaves this fall, he misheard and called it a 'Kyle of leaves.'"

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18."Whenever my kids say 'we' are going to do something when it should just be one person doing the task (or implying that I, too, will be doing the task they are supposed to be doing), I say 'Who’s we?? You got a mouse in your pocket?'"


19."When I was very little, my family used to call strawberry milk 'rabbit milk.' I never actually thought it came from rabbits, but I did think it was the pink equivalent to the 'chocolate milk comes from brown cows' thing. I was, thankfully, relatively young when I realized it was a family nickname. But, it took me substantially longer — like, two years ago longer — to realize we called it 'rabbit milk' because it was made with Nesquik, which has a bunny for a mascot. Like, duh."


20."I grew up in an Italian family, and we always ate Italian bread for meals. When we bought sliced bread, my family called it American bread. I was in my late 20s when I asked someone if they wanted American bread, and they said, 'What the heck is that?' I still often refer to sliced bread as American bread, and I’m now in my 70s!"

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21."My brother was four and about to throw up when he realized that you salivate a bunch beforehand. We forever use his description, 'My mouth is getting juicy,' and it alarms almost anyone outside of our immediate family."


22.When I was little I used to call rolling down the window "blowing down the window" and I can't get rid of saying it. So whenever I'm in a car with someone, and I ask them to blow down the window, they look at me weird, and I have to correct myself.


23."My family calls parmesan cheese 'shaky cheese,' since you shake it out of the container. From this, you can gather that we obviously would not grate our own cheese very often. I thought that that’s what everyone called it until no one knew what I was talking about in college. Honestly, though, it probably would be a great name for a brand of parmesan!"

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What's a "normal" thing from your childhood that you found out was super weird as an adult? Drop it in the comments below! Or, fill out this anonymous form.

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