I'm So Damn Tired Of Taylor Swift — And 1 Thing Pushed Me Over The Edge

I’m already over the Super Bowl.

For one thing, we need a break from Taylor Swift, and she just needs a break.

That was abundantly clear to me last Sunday night at the Grammy Awards. Her disingenuous shock as she learned she won the Pop Vocal Album award made me roll my eyes even harder when she conveniently took the opportunity to announce a new album coming this year.

I’ve been trying hard to ignore Taylor. I really have. Even when she copied Beyoncé’s work or used her song with Ice Spice as a distraction after dating her racist ex, I just minded my business.

But it’s damn near impossible to keep her business out of my business when she’s every damn where. And I had to address it on this week’s episode of “I Know That’s Right.” She’s been front and center at all of the major award shows this year. She’s been all over ESPN nearly as much as her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. And she’s been up and down my social media feeds despite the fact that I don’t follow her nor any of her fan pages.

Swift has never been impressive to me. I do, however, respect the fact that many people love her and her music and it’s just not for me, and that’s OK. Everything ain’t for everybody.

The growing issue for me is how she’s been propped up. Her brand of feminism has never felt inclusive, yet she’s been praised for empowering women. Her relationship with Kelce is like any other celebrity romance, yet cameras cut to her during NFL games like she’s on the sidelines calling plays. And she’s received Album of the Year at the Grammys four times. A Black woman hasn’t won the honor in 25 years.

More than just a critique of Swift, this is about how she’s talked about, covered in media and lauded by institutions. This blond white woman is seen as America’s gold standard. That doesn’t sit right with me. The fact that she leans into it doesn’t sit right with me either.

I’m not looking forward to watching America gawk while their favorite sweetheart watches her beau play America’s favorite sport. But Usher’s performing during halftime, so hey, I’ll tune in for his 13-minute performance.

And if it sounds like I’m a hater, I am.

Listen to the episode here.

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