How immunization could ease COVID-19 restrictions on P.E.I.

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P.E.I.'s rotational workers will likely be the first to see an easing of isolation requirements once they've received their vaccinations, a standing committee on health and social development heard Wednesday.

Dr. Heather Morrison, P.E.I.'s chief public health officer, appeared before the committee and among other things, described how restrictions could start to change, months from now, for those who've been vaccinated.

P.E.I. and all the other provinces are trying to determine what proof of immunization is going to look like, and where it will get you.

One possibility P.E.I. is looking at is whether people from other parts of Canada with proof of vaccination would be allowed to come to the Island for vacation or to visit family.

It could also mean Islanders might be allowed to visit a long-term care home with that proof of vaccination.

Morrison said the first change P.E.I. is likely to see is isolation requirements eased — or possibly eliminated — for rotational workers, such as truck drivers, seven days after they've been fully vaccinated.

Still have to wear masks

They would still have to wear masks and physically distance, but they could be allowed, for example, to go to a restaurant with their family.

They will have to be tested, at least for the first while, Morrison said, until it is clear how long the protection will last.


Morrison said the province will continue to roll out the vaccine as it becomes available. She said she appreciated the offer from dentists to help give the shots, but it won't be necessary at this time. She said the current system can deliver about 11,000 doses a week.

"We really feel that our system can, with the physicians and the pharmacy, will likely be able to immunize the Islanders that need to be immunized."

No thoughts of mandatory vaccination

She said there are no thoughts of making the COVID-19 vaccines mandatory, and noted a high percentage of Islanders opt to get the flu vaccine every year.

"If there is ever a community that wants to look after each other, it is Prince Edward Island," she said.

There was also some discussion Wednesday about the Atlantic bubble, and whether P.E.I. would consider entering into a partnership with Nova Scotia.

Morrison said it is something to look at, but there would be a lot of logistics to figure out.

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