Slight tornado risk with today's storms in Ontario, Quebec

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Arguably, Wednesday featured the strongest thunderstorm risk ahead of and along a cold front that will be trailing a powerful low situated near Lake Superior.

The renewed chance for severe storms comes after Tuesday's affair that yielded numerous warnings for parts of Ontario, along with stunning visuals of shelf clouds in the Ottawa region.

Stay close to safe shelter if you’re planning to spend time outdoors. If you’re close enough to hear thunder, you’re close enough to be struck by lightning.

Wednesday sees greater potential for severe storms

Temperatures in the upper 20s with high humidex values, in conjunction with a cold-front moving in from the states and low pressure over Lake Superior, will support the risk for severe thunderstorms across parts of Ontario and Quebec on Wednesday.

Ontario Quebec Wednesday storm energy potenetial May 22 2024
Ontario Quebec Wednesday storm energy potenetial May 22 2024

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The strongest of Wednesday's storms will likely move through Ontario's cottage country and into western Quebec.

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The main threats from these storms will be up to toonie-sized hail, heavy rainfall, and strong wind gusts up to 100 km/h. Folks could be seeing these conditions last into the evening hours on Wednesday.

As for central and southern Ontario, thunderstorms are expected to develop in the early afternoon hours. There is a chance for storms to move through the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but they will be more isolated and may contain strong wind gusts and heavy downpours.

Ontario Quebec Wednesday storm risk map May 22 2024
Ontario Quebec Wednesday storm risk map May 22 2024

There is a lot of uncertainty if any storms will develop in the GTA, but if they do, they will be strong. The location of the worst storms is dependent on the timing that the cold front moves through. A faster speed places the stronger storms closer to or in the eastern sections.

While it is low, a tornado chance also exists in central Ontario and along the Ontario and Quebec border, stretching from Temiskaming Shores, Ont., to Val-d’Or and Mont Laurier Que.

Rest assured, though, as forecasters are keeping a close eye on this risk throughout the day.

It’s always a good idea to have a safety plan in place for severe weather. Make sure you have a way to receive severe weather warnings the moment they’re issued, especially at night.

Ontario Quebec Wednesday PM precipitation forecast May 22 2024
Ontario Quebec Wednesday PM precipitation forecast May 22 2024

Storm activity will ease in Ontario throughout the evening, but will continue to track southeastward into southern Quebec. Folks in western Quebec and south of the St. Lawrence are more likely to be hearing thunder through the overnight hours on Wednesday.

Temperatures and humidity levels will both tumble behind the cold front, allowing more seasonable air to spill over the region heading into the end of the week.

Stay with The Weather Network for all the latest on your forecast across Ontario and Quebec.

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