An injured dog stayed 'positively regal' while being carried down England's highest mountain in a rescue mission

scafell pike and an akita
Rocky (not pictured) is an Akita who was stuck at the top of Scafell Pike (left).Milosz Kubiak/Shutterstock; TaynaPanova/Getty Images
  • On May 13, an Akita named Rocky was stranded atop England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike.

  • He refused to come down, so the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team carried him.

  • In their words, Rocky "remained cool, calm and positively regal" on the way down the mountain.

On May 13, Rocky the Akita successfully climbed to the summit of Scafell Pike — the highest peak in England — with his owners.

But once they reached the top, there was a problem: Rocky refused to move.

So the dog's owners called emergency services to help him get down the mountain and back to Langdale, a town in England's famed Lake District.

Rocky was "injured and exhausted," Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, who rescued him, wrote on its website. But he "remained cool, calm and positively regal throughout" the journey down and was a "joy to carry," despite weighing 33 kilograms, or roughly 72 pounds, according to the team's post.

Indeed, photos the team shared to Facebook show Rocky looking quite content while getting carried, with a big smile on his face.

Rocky was "made comfortable in a [casualty bag] on the stretcher and sledged/carried back to Seathwaite Farm," the team wrote. It took 13 team members just over four hours to bring Rocky down the mountain.

In the comments beneath the Facebook post, people shared stories about their own hiking misadventures with their pets.

"I know how easily this can happen from past experience. My 32 kilo labradoodle once 'went on strike' 9 miles into a 10 mile coastal path walk in Anglesey," wrote one commenter.

Rocky and his owners were given a ride back to Keswick Team Base, where other members of their hiking party picked them up.

The 3,209-foot-high Scafell Pike, a popular hiking destination, is part of the UK's famous National Three Peaks Challenge, which entails climbing the highest peaks in England, Scotland, and Wales. There are five different routes to the top, the shortest being just over 2 miles and the longest being just under 11 miles.

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