Inside Line: Scoop on S.W.A.T., Quantum Leap, #OneChicago, For All Mankind, Star Trek: Section 31, La Brea and More!

Inside Line: Scoop on S.W.A.T., Quantum Leap, #OneChicago, For All Mankind, Star Trek: Section 31, La Brea and More!
Inside Line: Scoop on S.W.A.T., Quantum Leap, #OneChicago, For All Mankind, Star Trek: Section 31, La Brea and More!

Will #OneChicago’s short seasons feature any crossovers? Will S.W.A.T.‘s farewell run feature a blast from the past? Will Quantum Leap leave fans hanging? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

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Are there any plans to bring Chris (played by Lina Esco) back for S.W.A.T.‘s final season or the series finale? –Emily
When I ran your Q by S.W.A.T. boss Andy Dettman just the other day, his answer was an honest, “I don’t know.” If this is in fact the crime drama’s farewell run, “It’d be wonderful to bring everybody back,” Dettman said. “In our mind, Chris is very much a part of Street’s life, so if we can find a way to bring her back through, I’d love to. But I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Does Season 2 of Quantum Leap end on a big cliffhanger or is it closed-ended? –Ivan
We got your question to Caitlin Bassett, who stars as Addison, and she reported back that while the not-yet-renewed sci-fi drama’s season finale leaves things “wide open,” “we also didn’t want to do anything without a Season 3 order in hand. Nobody wanted to leave it where people would hate it if that was the end.”

All of these names announced for the Star Trek: Section 31 movie, but still nothing said about Shazad Latif returning or not as Ash Tyler? –ScreenSavant
We wondered about that, too, seeing as Tyler was placed in command of Section 31 (well, in at least some timeline) in Star Trek: Discovery‘s Season 2 finale. But a CBS Studios rep confirmed for TVLine that Latif will not appear in the Section 31 movie.

Any hope for some small #OneChicago crossovers? –Ingmar
Small crossovers will be happening, but the bigger question is whether a major three-way one is in the cards. “I think shortened seasons make it trickier,” Chicago Fire showrunner Andrea Newman notes, “and we all had to jump so fast, like out of a cannon, at the beginning because we were airing so quickly, too. But now that we’re all kind of getting our footing and coming up for air, there’s definitely talk of that. There’s always a chance of a crossover — potentially a bigger one, and then we will cross over characters. We have [Chicago P.D.’s] Trudy in one already.”

Any Season 2 scoop for Not Dead Yet? I’ll take anything! –Fernando
Lexi (played by Lauren Ash) will get a potential love interest early in Season 2 (premiering Wednesday, Feb. 7 on ABC).

Anything on NCIS: Hawai’i? –Lindsay
Both Vanessa Lachey and LL Cool J are pretty terrific in the CBS drama’s Feb. 12 season premiere, as Sam revisits his reaction to wife Michelle’s incredibly tragic death in order to help Tennant cope with her own trauma/demons.

Will La Brea‘s Ty have any Back to the Future moments where he runs into himself, or almost does? –Dee
Cast member Chiké Okonkwo told me that the idea of Ty crossing paths with his slightly younger self in 2021 “was one of the things we spoke about the most — and I wish there were some moments where I had to ‘hide behind a thing’ to make sure I don’t mess up [the timeline].” But as showrunner David Appelbaum explained, “That was a story we certainly entertained, but we only had a limited amount of time to tell stories [in these final six episodes] and had to pick the ones we found most compelling. So, Ty does not ‘find himself’ — but if the season had gone longer, he might’ve.”

Hey, I’ve been desperately trying to find out what a song is called in The Rookie Season 5, Episode 19. It starts playing 39 minutes into the episode…. –Izzy
This took some doing, but… the song that played during that montage is called “Soul on Fire (feat. Indigo Sparke),” by the artist SUR, and apparently is still unreleased.

Who will replace Sylvie Brett on Chicago Fire? –Jordan
With Brett (played by Kara Kilmer) leaving Firehouse 51 this season, her pal Violet is going to step up on ambo. “Ultimately, there will be somebody new coming in and they’ll be working under Violet (Hanako Greensmith),” Fire showrunner Andrea Newman previews. “That’s part of the great Violet journey this year, as she continues to grow as a character and gets to step into a leadership position on ambo, too.” (And Vi might be moving on romantically, as well!)

Any word on Fox’s HouseBroken? –Andrew
Coming up on six months since its Season 2 finale aired, there is no decision yet on a Season 3 renewal.

Please tell me where I can watch Snowpiercer Season 4. It’s driving me crazy! –Aaron
As we continue to await news on a (possible) new home for the TNT castoff’s farewell season, here is series vet Mike O’Malley teasing it (some more). (Kinda-sorta spoilers ahead?) “Season 4 was probably the season where I had the most on-screen time,” Roche’s portrayer told TVLine. “We get off the train, there’s incredible storytelling done by our showrunner Paul Zbyszewski, and the production designers on that show were unbelievable. They built this really amazing place called New Eden, and the visual effects [were great].”

Any idea if the remaining True Detective: Night Country episodes might out-gross the corpsicle? — Craig
I did ask showrunner Issa Lopez if that chilling (in so many ways) tableau is as disturbing as this season gets. “It depends on what you call disturbing…,” she hedged. “But it stays pretty dark and twisted, let’s put it like that.”

Any information on Paramount+’s live-action Dungeons & Dragons series? –Joey
Only that it is still in development.

Any news on a Season 5 of For All Mankind? –LaDonna
Should the Apple TV+ space drama get renewed, Samantha and the others who helped steal asteroid Goldilocks will be in a heap of trouble. “There’ll be justice!” co-showrunner Ben Nedivi avows with a laugh. Adds co-showrunner Matt Wolpert: “I think the dominos of the fallout of this asteroid heist are going to be really interesting to figure out once we are able to kind of dig into a potential Season 5, and we just have to see how that all unfolds. But there’s definitely going to be some consequences for some of these people.”

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