Introducing The Signal: A new sound for noon radio

Adam Walsh is the host of CBC Newfoundland and Labrador's lunchtime radio program The Signal.  (Ritche Perez - image credit)
Adam Walsh is the host of CBC Newfoundland and Labrador's lunchtime radio program The Signal. (Ritche Perez - image credit)

CBC N.L.'s lunchtime radio show has a new name.

The Signal takes the place of CrossTalk. The new name reflects the spirit of the show as it's evolved since Adam Walsh stepped into the host and producer chair.

The show loyal listeners love, complete with phone-in segments, expert advice, community and culture isn't going anywhere. The new moniker is a nod to Newfoundland and Labrador's historic place in wireless communications history, and a beacon to the diverse people who live in the province today.

"When you listen to The Signal, you're hearing the pulse, the heartbeats of our personal and collective communities," Walsh said.

"It's a program that helps build empathy in a time when we can really use all the empathy we can get."

Meet your host 

Adam Walsh is an award-winning multi-platform journalist who has spent over a decade with the CBC, including 3½ years on loan to Japan's public broadcaster, NHK, in Tokyo.

In 2015, he was the media fellow for the Asia Pacific Foundation and traveled to China for coverage of its growing appetite for the Atlantic Canadian seafood market.

Ritche Perez
Ritche Perez

Adam took over CrossTalk in 2021 and shepherded in a new era, leading the transformation to The Signal.

What it's all about 

You'll find The Signal out in your community more often. Meeting you where you are, and finding out what matters most to you, is critical to the show's success.


Adam and the team will continue to cover issues of the day, have important conversations, and share stories from a diverse range of voices.

You'll find The Signal, as always, on CBC Radio One weekdays at 12 p.m. NT. You can also find it on CBC Listen, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your favourite shows.

And expect to see The Signal pop up in other places, too: on CBC N.L.'s Here & Now, Instagram and beyond.

Do you have an idea for a show? Want to comment on something you heard on The Signal? Email or call 709-576-5260 to leave a message.

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