iPad Air: Apple launches new and bigger version of tablet

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Apple has released a new iPad Air, with a larger size and other new updates.

It is the first update to the iPad line in more than a year. The tablets were entirely neglected throughout 2023, leading to concern over Apple’s plans for the devices.

The new tablet comes in a 13-inch version, which previously required paying up for the more premium iPad Pro.

As well as the new size, Apple said it was updating the chip in the tablet to its M2. That means the tablet should be 50 per cent faster, it said.

Apple also claimed that it was an “incredibly powerful device for AI” and that it would be “blazing fast” for machine learning features.

The company has been criticised for failing to keep up with other companies artificial intelligence features in recent times.

The price remains the same, at $599. The new larger, 13-inch display costs $799.

It is available to order now and will go on sale from next week.

It comes in new blue and purple colours, as well as what Apple calls starlight and space grey – two versions of grey.