Netanyahu vows to 'demolish Hamas' as Israel prepares for Gaza offensive

Netanyahu vows to 'demolish Hamas' as Israel prepares for Gaza offensive

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “demolish” Hamas after convening an emergency cabinet meeting on a looming ground invasion in Gaza.

Mr Netanyahu’s office released footage showing ministers in Tel Aviv giving a minute’s silence in tribute to the 1,300 Israelis killed after a surprise attack by Hamas last Saturday.

“Hamas thought we would be demolished. It is we who will demolish Hamas,” Mr Netanyahu said, adding that the show of unity “sends a clear message to the nation, the enemy and the world”.

It came as British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly warned Hamas wants to turn the conflict into a “war between the Muslim world and the wider world”. Speaking to Sky News, he said “it’s in Israel’s interest to avoid civilian casualties and Palestinian casualties”.

It is estimated some 300,000 troops have massed on the border ready to push into Gaza which has suffered more than 2,300 fatalities, local authorities have said.

Up to 10,000 people have also been wounded, with UN Agency for Palestine Refugees director of communications Juliette Touma telling the BBC: “This is the worst we’ve ever seen, This is hitting rock bottom. This is Gaza being pushed into an abyss, there is tragedy unfolding as the world is watching.”

Gaza and West Bank death toll reaches 2,383

08:05 , Sami Quadri

The death toll in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank reached 2,383 Palestinians dead and 10,814 injured on Sunday morning, according to Palestinian health ministry sources.

In Gaza, the death toll climbed to 2,329 Palestinians killed and 9,714 wounded, while in the West Bank, 54 were recorded dead and 1,100 wounded since the conflict between Hamas and Israel started on October 7.

Thousands in Australia turn out for pro-Palestinian rallies over Gaza

08:09 , Sami Quadri

Thousands of Australians took to the streets to take part in pro-Palestinian rallies on Sunday.

Protesters waved Palestine flags and chanted “Free, free Palestine” as hundreds of police patrolled the area around one of the largest rallies in Sydney, capital of Australia's most populous state of New South Wales.

A police helicopter circled low over the event in the city's Hyde Park. About 5,000 people attended, said the organisers, the Palestine Action Group, while a Reuters witness put the number at about 2,000.

The rally was “peaceful so far”, said a group spokesperson, Amal Naser, adding that police had not deployed special powers to stop and search protesters.

Met Police said 9 officers were left injured after pro-Palestine demonstration in London

08:10 , Sami Quadri

The Metropolitan Police said nine officers were treated for minor injuries in the evening after a major pro-Palestine march in London.

The force said there were also eight further arrests.

In a statement posed on X, formerly known as Twitter, the Met said: “The protest in central London earlier today went without issue, and thousands were able to express themselves at the planned demonstration.

“This evening saw small pockets of disorder and unacceptable criminality towards our officers in Trafalgar Square, with nine offices (sic) being treated for minor injuries.

“The area is now clear.”

The Met said the arrests related to suspected assaults on emergency workers, as well as allegedly setting off fireworks in public places and suspected public order offences.

Casualties reported in attack on Israeli village near Lebanese border

08:14 , Sami Quadri

An anti-armour missile was fired from inside Lebanon at an Israeli border village on Sunday, causing at least four casualties, Israel's Army Radio said.

US Secretary of State has ‘very productive’ meeting with Saudi Crown Prince on Israel-Palestine conflict

08:20 , Sami Quadri

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday said he held a “very productive” meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh.

A US official said the meeting lasted for just under an hour and took place at the Crown Prince's private farm residence.

“The Secretary highlighted the United States' unwavering focus on halting terrorist attacks by Hamas, securing the release of all hostages, and preventing the conflict from spreading,” the State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a statement.

“The two affirmed their shared commitment to protecting civilians and to advancing stability across the Middle East and beyond,” Miller added.

US offers Americans in Israel evacuation by sea on Monday

08:37 , Sami Quadri

The United States is offering Americans in Israel and their immediate relatives evacuation by sea from northern Haifa to Cyprus on Monday, a US embassy spokesperson said.

The spokesperson was confirming an advisory circulated online on Sunday.

James Cleverly says it is ‘very difficult’ to open Rafah border crossing

08:46 , Sami Quadri

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said that it is proving “incredibly difficult” to open the Rafah border crossing from Gaza into Egypt.

Speaking to Sunday With Trevor Phillips on Sky News, he said: “I’ve spoken a number of occasions with my Egyptian counterpart, we stay in very close coordination with the United States of America, with other friends in the region and of course with the Israeli government trying to coordinate a time window when the Rafah crossing can be opened so that people can leave.

“That is proving incredibly difficult. So I’m not able to say with any certainty when that crossing may be open.”

Cleverly says reports that 10 Brits are dead or missing is not ‘unreasonable estimate’

08:54 , Sami Quadri

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said that around 10 British people dead or missing was not an “unreasonable estimate”.

The figure was put to him on Sunday With Trevor Phillips on Sky News.

He declined to give an exact number and said that the situation remained uncertain, but told the programme: “That is not an unreasonable estimate of the kind of number of people that we’re talking about.”

Watch: UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly says Israeli incursion is ‘imminent’

08:56 , Sami Quadri

Cleverly says Hamas wants to turn conflict into a ‘war between the Muslim world and wider world’

09:08 , Sami Quadri

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said Hamas wants to turn the conflict into a “war between the Muslim world and the wider world”, as he urged Israel to show restraint and discipline.

He told Sunday With Trevor Phillips on Sky News: “Friends speak honestly with friends and we have a very, very good working relationship with the Israeli government and whenever I have spoken to them I have reinforced the UK’s position about the preservation of life, the avoidance of civilian casualties.

“I know the Israelis completely understand that, President Herzog has said their operations will be in accordance with international law.

“I have said it’s in Israel’s interest to avoid civilian casualties and Palestinian casualties because Hamas clearly wants to turn this into a wider Arab-Israeli war or indeed a war between the Muslim world and the wider world and none of us, including Israel, want that to be the case and so that’s why we do give that strong advice from a position of friendship.”

He added: “I’ve said that restraint, discipline these are the hallmarks of the Israel Defence Force that I want to see and indeed those are the hallmarks of a high-functioning military organisation, which the IDF is – in stark contrast to the terrorist atrocities perpetrated by Hamas.

“Israel seeks to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas seeks civilians in order to target.”

Cleverly addresses war crime allegations levelled at Israel

09:20 , Sami Quadri

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, asked if there are limits to what the UK Government will support, told Sunday With Trevor Phillips on Sky News: “All support internationally is contingent on the behaviour of the partner country and no country, including the United Kingdom, would give carte blanche to any other nation – that is a universal truth, not specifically about Israel.

“But I have received regular commitments from the Israeli leadership – both military and civilian – that they are conscious that the Palestinian people themselves are being used by Hamas and they recognise that, and they’re very, very conscious of their responsibilities.”

Mr Cleverly was asked about allegations of war crimes levelled against Israel, including claims over the use of white phosphorous.

Asked if Israel’s denials were credible, he replied: “What we have seen over and over again is accusations directed at Israel which have proven to be completely baseless.

“So any decisions that I make or the UK Government makes will be based on accurate assessments rather than social media speculation.”

David Lammy says Israel has ‘right’ to defend itself against Hamas

09:33 , Sami Quadri

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy said the Foreign Secretary’s suggestion that there must be “no resiling” from support for Israel “must be right.”

He told the Sunday With Trevor Phillips programme on Sky News: “Israel has a right to get those hostages. It has a right to degrade the military equipment and rockets that have been used against it to deal with the tunnelling of Hamas and we must recognise that Israel is facing a huge existential crisis.

“Against that backdrop of course they have the support of the UK government and I would not seek to be partisan about that, except to say that it’s hugely important that that is done as Keir Starmer has said, along the lines of international law.”

Humza Yousaf’s mother-in-law said ‘her goodbyes’ in panicked call

09:58 , Sami Quadri

Humza Yousaf’s mother-in-law said “her goodbyes” in a panicked call to the First Minister and his wife early on Sunday morning following a false alarm, he has said.

Speaking on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg from the SNP conference in Aberdeen, the First Minister said: “Last night was a very difficult night, if I’m honest.

“We got a call at one in the morning from my mother in law in a panic.”

Someone in the neighbourhood where they live, he said, had been told to evacuate their home because it was due to be hit, leaving neighbours “running to goodness and God knows where”.

“You can imagine the panic, and my mother-in-law was even saying her goodbyes, which was pretty hard to hear.”

The alert, however, was a “false alarm”, the First Minister said.

Lammy “concerned” at Israel’s suggestion Gazans should evacuate hospitals

10:01 , Sami Quadri

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy has said he is “concerned” at Israel’s suggestion Gazans should evacuate hospitals.

He told the Sunday With Trevor Phillips programme on Sky News: “I am concerned at the suggestion people should evacuate hospitals.

“That is incredibly unlikely for those who are very seriously injured and humanitarian workers who put themselves in harm’s way.

“There is an obligation to minimise civilian casualties in that situation.”

Humza Yousaf backs programme allowing Palestinians and Israelis to flee to UK

10:20 , Sami Quadri

Scotland’s First Minister has backed a programme that would allow Palestinians and Israelis to flee to the UK.

Asked about such a move, Humza Yousaf said he “absolutely” supports it.

He added: “There’s many people who are worried about their relatives – Jewish, Muslim, Christian, atheist, agnostic – whether it’s those that are captured by Hamas or whether it’s those like my own family in Gaza.”

He went on to reiterate his calls for the opening of a humanitarian corridor to allow supplies to reach civilians in Gaza, as well as calling on the international community to deal with the “root cause” of the hostilities in the region.

“We have to, of course, bring people to the UK if we are able to, but also, if we want to stop this perpetual cycle of violence… then we also have to say unequivocally, and there should be no controversy about this statement, that an Israeli life and a Palestinian life are equal.

“We have to make sure that we never lose sight of that.”

Pictured: Israeli tanks mass near Gaza Strip border

10:23 , Sami Quadri


Cleverly open to talks with China over Israel-Hamas conflict

11:02 , Sami Quadri

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly suggested he is open to holding talks with China over the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

He told Times Radio: “I haven’t spoken directly with (China foreign minister) Wang Yi, (US Secretary of State) Tony Blinken has, I’ll be comparing notes with him later today.

“One of the points I’ve long made is that engagement matters, it is important work … as I say, I’ll be comparing notes with Tony Blinken to see whether there is utility in speaking with the Chinese foreign minister.

“But engagement with China is important, I’ve always made the case that engagement with China is important so I may well do depending on the feedback I get from my conversation with Tony Blinken later on today.”

Pope Francis calls for humanitarian corridors to help those under siege in Gaza

11:29 , Sami Quadri

Pope Francis on Sunday called for humanitarian corridors to help those under siege in Gaza and renewed his appeal for the release of hostages held by militant Islamist group Hamas.

“I strongly ask that the children, the sick, the elderly, women and all civilians do not become victims of the conflict,” the Pope said during his weekly address to the crowds in St Peter's square.

“Humanitarian right must be respected, above all in Gaza.”

126 Israeli hostages in Gaza, say IDF

11:51 , Sami Quadri

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has said that the number of confirmed Israeli hostages being held in Gaza is 126.

Hamas has previously claimed that 13 hostages have been killed within Gaza by Israeli airstrikes. It said there were foreigners among those who died, without specifying their nationalities.

Reuters reports the Israeli military also said that at least 279 of its soldiers have been killed since October 7, when Hamas launched its attack on southern Israel. The total number of Israeli casualties has been given as more than 1,300 killed.

IDF claims to have killed Hamas commander who led kibbutz attack

12:20 , Bill Mcloughlin

The Israeli military has claimed it has killed Billal Al Kedra, the commander of Hamas’ Nukhba unit in the southern Gazan city of Khan Younis.

The Israelis said he was responsible for the mass killings at the Nirim kibbutz in southern Israel last Saturday.

Backlog at Israeli ports growing

12:21 , Bill Mcloughlin

The backlog of ships is growing at Israeli ports while operations continue at most terminals amid preparations by the military to launch a ground assault in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, according to data and sources.

Israel has faced heavy rocket barrages including in the south of the country, which has prompted the closure of the smaller Ashkelon port, which is the nearest terminal to Gaza.

The Ashdod port has imposed restrictions on the transport of hazardous materials which has meant slower transits.

The port said in its latest statement posted on its website that it continued to operate as normal “even under wartime”, adding that it was prepared to continue to supply Israel‘s economy with everything that was needed “around the clock” to ensure the population did not experience shortages.

At least three cargo and dry bulk ships carrying cargo bound for Ashdod had stopped in waters nearby, with a further three vessels including an oil tanker and a container ship heading for the port, data from ship tracking and maritime analytics provider MarineTraffic showed on Sunday.

Around 13 ships - comprising cargo, container and dry bulk vessels - were currently moored inside Ashdod port, according to MarineTraffic data.

At least three laden dry bulk ships were waiting off Haifa in northern Israel, separate data showed. Haifa and Ashdod are Israel‘s biggest and most vital ports.

Home Secretary issues warning to demonstrators at pro-Palestine rallies

12:44 , Sami Quadri

Home Secretary Suella Braverman has issued a warning to demonstrators who attended a pro-Palestine rally on Saturday.

Thousands attended a demonstration in central London which led to the arrests of 15 people despite many protesting peacefully.

“Thank you to police officers who worked so hard yesterday in difficult circumstances to manage tens of thousands of protesters,” Ms Braverman said.

“To all those who saw fit to promote genocide, glorify terrorism and mock the murder of Jewish people, including women and babies - the police are coming for you.”

You can read full coverage here.

Humza Yousaf’s wife calls on world to act as family remains stuck in Gaza

12:57 , Bill Mcloughlin

The wife of Scotland’s First Minister has called on world leaders to “give the children of Gaza a chance of life” as she spoke of her “complete despair” at the situation in the region.

Nadia El-Nakla said she fears the city where her family has a home is being “obliterated” as Israel seeks retaliation for an attack by the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

Her parents are currently trapped in Gaza after travelling there from Scotland recently to visit family, and Ms El-Nakla spoke about the situation as the start of the SNP conference in Aberdeen on Sunday.

An emergency motion was passed unanimously by delegates, which calls on the UK Government to back United Nations demands for a humanitarian corridor to be set up, allowing people to leave and for aid to get into the territory to “mitigate the human tragedy unfolding in Gaza”.

Humza Yousaf embraced his wife after she spoke to the conference, and then wiped away tears.

Ms El-Nakla, who is an SNP councillor, used her speech to call on the UK Government and world leaders to do more to help those suffering in the area.

“Instead of sending spy planes, the UK should be sending supplies,” she told the conference.

“We are not watching a natural disaster, this can be stopped. This can only happen when the world leaders use diplomacy instead of weaponizing and strive for peace over war.”

Blinken to head back to Israel on Monday for further meetings

13:07 , Sami Quadri

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will travel to Israel again on Monday for further consulations with Israeli leaders, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said.

The top American diplomat has embarked on his most extensive trip to date in the Middle East, working with Arab allies to prevent the war from spiralling into a wider conflict. He has just landed in Egypt, his seventh stop since kicking off the regional tour on Thursday.

Man to face court accused of making racist comments at pro-Palestine march

14:01 , Sami Quadri

A man accused of making racist comments at a pro-Palestine march in London will appear in court next month.

The Metropolitan Police said a 67-year-old man has been charged with intentionally causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress after being arrested on Saturday.

He is alleged to have made racist remarks towards people gathered in Whitehall and a police officer.

The force said on X, formerly Twitter: “The man was arrested after shouting racial abuse at those gathered in Whitehall and making similar racist comments to an officer who spoke with him.

“The man was in possession of a UK flag. This was in no way the reason for his arrest and forms no part of the charges against him.”

The suspect has been bailed until he appears at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on November 2.

You can read full coverage here.

White House expects new Israel and Ukraine aid to be over $2 billion

14:22 , Sami Quadri

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday that a new weapons package for Israel and Ukraine will be significantly higher than $2 billion.

Sullivan, in an interview on CBS's “Face the Nation”, said US President Joe Biden will have talks with Congress this week on approving the package.

Packed Gaza hospitals warn that thousands could die as supplies run low

14:27 , Sami Quadri

Medical professionals in Gaza have warned that thousands of lives are at risk as hospitals continue to run desperately low on fuel and other supplies.

Hospitals in Gaza are expected to run out of generator fuel within two days, endangering the lives of thousands of patients, according to the UN.

Gaza's sole power plant shut down due to a lack of fuel after Israel completely sealed off the 25-mile long territory.

In Nasser Hospital, in the southern town of Khan Younis, intensive care rooms are packed with wounded patients, most of them children under the age of 3. Hundreds of people with severe blast injuries have come to the hospital, where fuel is expected to run out by Monday, said Dr. Mohammed Qandeel, a consultant at the critical care complex.

There are 35 patients in the ICU who require ventilators and another 60 on dialysis. If fuel runs out, “it means the whole health system will be shut down,” he said, as children moaned in pain in the background. “All these patients are in danger of death if the electricity is cut off.”

Egyptian president says Israeli reaction to Hamas attack is collective punishment

14:49 , Sami Quadri

Egypt's president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi told US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Israel's reaction to Hamas' attack went beyond self-defence and amounted to collective punishment.

In televised comments during a meeting with Blinken in Cairo on Sunday, Sisi also said he rejects the targeting of any civilians in the ongoing conflict.

Hundreds gather at London vigil to commemorate Israeli victims

15:22 , Sami Quadri

Hundreds of people have gathered at a vigil in central London to commemorate Israeli victims of the Hamas incursion into the country.

Many were draped in Israeli flags and posters saying “bring them home” with names and faces of hostages captured by Hamas were being handed out to attendees.

More than 10 police officers could be seen patrolling the event in Parliament Square, Westminster.

Israel has no interest in war with Hezbollah

15:24 , Sami Quadri

Israel's defence minister said on Sunday that Israel has no interest in waging war against Lebanese militants Hezbollah.

Sporadic fire across the Israel-Lebanon border over the past week has raised concerns that fighting with Hamas militants in Gaza could escalate into a broader conflict.

On Sunday afternoon sirens sounded across northern Israel, sending residents running for shelter, and the military said it intercepted five of nine rockets fired from Lebanon. It then responded with artillery fire at the area from where the rockets were launched.

“We have no interest in a war in the north. We don't want to escalate the situation,” Defence Minister Yoav Gallant told reporters.

“If Hezbollah chooses the path of war, it will pay a very heavy price. Very heavy. But if it restrains itself, we will respect that and keep the situation as it is," Gallant said.

Thousands take part in pro-Palestinian rally in Belfast

15:40 , Sami Quadri

Thousands of people have marched through the centre of Belfast as part of a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Insults were exchanged as a small group carrying Israeli flags confronted the rally as it arrived at the City Hall.

The rally gathered at Writer’s Square in Belfast on Sunday and numbers swelled as it marched along Royal Avenue, with participants carrying flags and chanting pro-Palestinian slogans.

Hamas says it fired 20 rockets from Lebanon on Israeli settlements

15:45 , Sami Quadri

Hamas' armed wing, Al Qassam Brigades, said on Sunday it fired 20 rockets from Lebanon on two Israeli settlements.

Separately, Lebanon's Hezbollah also said it had targeted barracks in Israel's Hanita with guided missiles and said it had inflicted casualties on “the enemy ranks”.

Netanyahu and Biden agree to resumption of water supplies in parts of Gaza

16:06 , Sami Quadri

Israel's Energy Minister said on Sunday that a decision to renew water supplies to parts of southern Gaza has been agreed between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden.

Israel Katz said that the decision to partially renew water supplies was in line with Israeli policy.

Palestinian death toll from Israeli attacks rises to 2,450

16:12 , Sami Quadri

At least 2,450 Palestinians have been killed and 9,200 wounded since Israel launched its attack on the Gaza strip on the ninth day of conflict, the enclave's health ministry said on Sunday.

Archbishop of Canterbury says Gaza hospitals face ‘catastrophe'

16:34 , John Dunne

The leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the Archbishop of Canterbury, says hospitals and patients in Gaza are facing a “catastrophe”.

Justin Welby posted on X (formerly Twitter): “I appeal for the evacuation order on hospitals in northern Gaza to be reversed - and for health facilities, health workers, patients and civilians to be protected.”

US senators duck into Tel Aviv bomb shelter during Hamas rocket attack

16:40 , John Dunne

Democrat Chuck Schumer, who is currently leading a US Senate delegation to Israel, has shared of photo of lawmakers gathered in a Tel Aviv shelter during a Hamas rocket attack.

“It shows you what Israelis have to go through,” the New York senator posted on X, formerly Twitter.

“We must provide Israel with the support required to defend itself.”

The delegation - which includes Republicans Mitt Romney and Bill Cassidy and Democrats Jacky Rosen and Mark Kelly - plan to hold a news conference in Tel Aviv later today.

Blinken says US working hard to avoid the spreading of the conflict.

17:26 , John Dunne

US Secretary of State has said the US is working to conatin the crisis enveloping the Middle East

He has visited Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt to gather their opinions.

Blinken repeated that the US stands with Israel, but wants to prevent the conflict from spreading. He added that dialogue with diplomats is continuing to work on the release of hostages including US citizens.

He said: “Israel has the right, indeed the obligation, to defend itself and make sure this never happens again.

“The way Israel does this matters,” Blinken says as he emphasises the importance of avoiding civilian casualties.”

Iran warns of escalation over Israel's ‘aggression’ against Palestinian people

17:29 , John Dunne

Iran has told Israel other parties in the region are ready to act if it does not stop its “aggression” against the Palestinian people.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Iranian foreign minister, was cited by the Fars news agency as saying: “If the Zionist aggressions do not stop, the hands of all parties in the region are on the trigger.”

He did not specify what he meant with his comments.

Iran has previously warned Israel could suffer a “huge earthquake” if its attacks on Gaza continue.

King Abdullah II of Jordan arrives at Downing Street for talks amid Middle East crisis

17:35 , John Dunne

King Abdullah II of Jordan has arrived at No 10 Downing Street for a meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak about the situation in Israel and Gaza.

The pair shook hands before the Prime Minister led the Jordanian king inside.

Addressing the King of Jordan inside No 10, Rishi Sunak said: “Your Majesty, it is great to welcome you back to Downing Street and I very much look forward to our discussions.”

The king replied: “I am delighted to be back. I wish I was seeing you under better circumstances.

“I am sure we will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges that we are all facing.”

The Prime Minister said “it’s important that we speak” before the meeting got underway.

Vigil in central London to remember Hamas victims

17:36 , John Dunne

Hundreds of people have gathered at a vigil in central London to commemorate Israeli victims of the Hamas incursion into the country.

Many were draped in Israeli flags and posters saying “bring them home” with names and faces of hostages captured by Hamas were being handed out to attendees.

More than 10 police officers could be seen patrolling the event in Parliament Square, Westminster.

UN peacekeeping HQ in Lebanon hit by rocket

17:45 , John Dunne

The UN’s peacekeeping mission headquarters in southern Lebanon has been hit by a rocket.

UNIFIL said in a statement: “Our headquarters in Naqoura was hit with a rocket and we are working to verify from where.

“Our peacekeepers were not in shelters at the time. Fortunately, no one was hurt.”

Biden speaks to Palestinian Authority about aid

18:00 , John Dunne

US President Joe Biden says he has spoken with Palestinian Authority President Abbas.

He says he condemned Hamas’s attack on Israel and “reiterated that Hamas does not stand for the Palestinian people’s right to dignity and self-determination”.

He added writing on X: “I assured him that we’re working with partners in the region to ensure humanitarian supplies reach civilians in Gaza and to prevent the conflict from widening.”

Gaza death toll reaches 2,670 with 9,600 injured

18:13 , John Dunne

The death toll from Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip surged to at least 2,670 since Hamas’s bloody attack on southern Israel last week, the Gaza health ministry said Sunday.

Another 9,600 people have also been injured as Israel continued its blistering air campaign on targets in the Palestinian coastal enclave, the Hamas-controlled ministry added.