I've worked at Costco for 18 years. Here are 10 things my family of 4 loves to buy there.

  • I'm a Costco employee and mom of two kids who picks up essentials for my family at the warehouse.

  • My children love having Honest Kids juice boxes and Frito-Lay chips in their school lunches.

  • My family's favorite vacation spot is Disneyland, so we take advantage of Costco's travel deals.

As a Costco employee and a mom, I grab the things my family loves from the store.

Here are 10 items my family likes to buy at Costco.

Prices may vary by location.

The Honest Kids organic juice boxes add excitement to school lunches.

White package with graphics of red, green, pink, and purple juice boxes at Costco
The Honest Kids organic juice boxes come in four flavors.Veronica Thatcher

My kids take lunch to school every day, and I always pack them Honest Kids organic juice boxes.

The juice has no artificial sweeteners and contains only 35 calories per serving.

I pick up a 40-count variety pack with flavors including Goodness Grapeness, Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Appley Ever After, and Super Fruit Punch for $13.

Cinemark gift cards are essential for trips to the movies.

A hand holding a red Cinemark gift card with a $50 value in front of a wall of Cinemark gift cards
I buy a pack of two $25 Cinemark gift cards.Veronica Thatcher

My family loves going to the movies on Sundays, so I get Cinemark movie-theater gift cards at Costco.

I use the gift cards for tickets, food, drinks, and merchandise. My Costco sells a pack of two $25 gift cards for $40.

We always look at Costco's travel deals before going on vacation.

The writer holds up flyers for Costco travel deals with pictures of beaches and hotels in front of a large beach-scene backdrop
Costco offers a variety of travel discounts on select hotels, amusement parks, and car rentals.Veronica Thatcher

I've noticed that many customers aren't aware they can find deals on their favorite vacation spots through Costco Travel. For example, my family has used Costco's vacation packages to go to Disneyland.

The perks for each vacation package vary, but we've gotten discounts on hotels, amusement parks, and car rentals.

I also love that I don't have to worry about paying in full right away, as most packages offer payment plans. Customers can book their vacation online or speak to a live agent over the phone.

The Klipsch Gig XXL party speaker is a karaoke-night necessity.

Boxes of Klipsch gig XXL speakers. The boxes are in rows of three and have purple images of speakers on them
My family and I are getting our money's worth with the Klipsch Gig XXL party speaker.Veronica Thatcher

My family and I love karaoke, so we purchased the Klipsch Gig XXL portable wireless party speaker to ring in the New Year.

The speaker features a wired karaoke microphone and four light modes. The Klipsch party speaker costs $200 at my store.

Kirkland Signature St. Louis ribs are a tasty, easy meal.

Hand holding Kirkland Signature St. Louis ribs in front of rotisserie chickens and other meat at Costco
I serve Kirkland Signature St. Louis ribs with our favorite sauces.Veronica Thatcher

When it comes to Costco's prepared meals, our current go-to is the Kirkland Signature seasoned St. Louis ribs.

The delicious, fully cooked pork-back ribs are prepared in the deli and packaged so they're ready to serve. They're seasoned with a light rub and tend to sell out very quickly at my location.

I picked up a pack of ribs for only $14.40.

We get almost all our cakes at Costco.

Bird's-eye view of a cake with white frosting and colorful icing in the shape of candles and a red "Happy Birthday" message. The cake is also covered in rainbow sprinkles
The Costco bakery makes custom cakes for almost every occasion. Veronica Thatcher

Whether for a birthday or another celebration, we love getting our cakes from the Costco bakery. Each cake is handmade, and customers can place a custom order by filling out a form at the store.

Customers can choose from various cake, filling, and icing options. The bakery also offers a variety of designs and can write a customized message on the cake.

Cakes are available in either half-sheet or round variations.

In my family, the Gourmia air fryer is a kitchen staple.

White boxes with orange graphics and images of black and silver air fryers in a row of three
The Gourmia air fryer bakes, roasts, and reheats dinner in a pinch.Veronica Thatcher

The Gourmia air fryer is a staple for both the adults and kids in our family. The device lets my family bake, roast, broil, reheat, and even just keep food warm.

It has optional preheat and turn-food reminders, an auto shut-off function, and dishwasher-safe pieces like the basket and crisper tray.

The air fryer is $50 at my location.

We love looking through Costco's selection of clothing.

Hand holding dark and light gray camouflage pants. A label on the pants say "Lee Youth 2 Pack Jogger"
I've seen pretty great clothing brands on sale at Costco.Veronica Thatcher

Costco offers great deals on clothing like jackets, pajamas, shirts, socks, and jeans.

I've seen a variety of sizes suited for babies, toddlers, teens, and adults. In the past, I've picked up items like Ugg boots and a Danskin pullover.

Customers can also find exclusive deals on select brands online.

The OXO SoftWorks pop containers help keep our snacks fresh.

Large white box reading "Oxo SoftWorks 8 piece pop container set" with images of clear plastic containers containing biscotti, dried lentils, pasta, jelly beans, and other foods
My family uses OXO SoftWorks pop containers to organize our pantry.Veronica Thatcher

OXO SoftWorks pop containers, which are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, help our family stay organized.

To open them, all you need to do is push the button on the lid to release the airtight seal. We use them to store food in our pantry and keep our snacks fresh.

An eight-piece OXO container set costs $50 at my store.

My kids are big fans of the Frito-Lay variety pack of chips.

Blue boxes with images of Frito Lay chips including Lay's, Doritos, Cheetos, Ruffles, and Fritos on them
The Frito-Lay variety pack comes with 54 bags of chips.Veronica Thatcher

My kids love having chips with their sandwiches for lunch and always want to pick up this Frito-Lay variety pack.

The box contains a 54-count mix of Cheetos, Lay's, Ruffles, Doritos, and Fritos, and costs $19 at my location.

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