Stolen piggy bank prompts hundreds of acts of kindness

Six-year-old Jackson Saunders of P.E.I. has received hundreds of notes, coins, and cards from around the world after word spread about his stolen piggy bank in July.

"We were really overwhelmed. We didn't expect this," said Jackson's mother Linda Saunders.

"And when it did we just kept thinking wow, there's so many amazing kind people in the world."

The family said the hardest part of the theft was the loss of memorabilia, including bills gifted to him by relatives with names and dates scribbled on them, along with tickets from trips and excursions with family.

Jackson has now received mementos from as far away as the Middle East, Australia, and Ireland.

"So many positive things have come out of this. I can't even put that into words," said Linda.

Jackson has been making thank you cards and hand-delivering them to people who have reached out, including a server at an Island restaurant.

"We went and found her at the restaurant, surprised her and when Jackson gave her his thank you card she started crying and asked him for a hug. And it was just a really touching moment," said Linda.

"For someone who was being nice to me and I should be nice to them," said Jackson. "I think we should be thankful."

Saunders family to pay it forward

The Saunders family plans to pay it forward with a donation to a charity related to the military or veterans.

Many of the coins Jackson received have been from people in the military in New Brunswick including Shamus Bernard, who is originally from P.E.I.

He started collecting signed coins for Jackson so the little boy would know there are still good people in the world.

The Bernard and Saunders families connected this summer so Bernard could give Jackson the coins.

"I just thought of what I would do or how I would change my own kid's outlook on something if it had happened to them," said the 31-year-old father of three.

Still no sign of stolen piggy bank

"We haven't heard about the piggy bank and we may never will," said Linda.

"But that's OK and we have many more now new memories and new mementos to share with Jackson throughout his life."