Who Is Jade Cargill's Husband? All About Former MLB Star Brandon Phillips

WWE star Jade Cargill's husband is incredibly supportive of her career

<p>Jade Cargill Instagram</p> Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips

Jade Cargill Instagram

Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips

Jade Cargill and her husband, former Cincinnati Reds star Brandon Phillips, had an instant spark.

The WWE star first crossed paths with the retired professional baseball player when she was meeting a childhood friend, who also happened to be his manager.

“One day, my manager and I were meeting at a Starbucks — and then directly after, I guess he was meeting up with Brandon,” she wrote for The Players’ Tribune in 2022. “I was walking out the door as Brandon was walking in, like a rom-com or something. And I guess he noticed me and asked about me. Like, ‘Who was that?’ “

While it’s unknown when they married, the two are vocal about their love for each other.

In 2022, Cargill showed her support for the MLB Hall of Famer by wearing his iconic Boston Red Sox jersey during an interview. The following year, Phillips appeared on the In the Front Row with Mike Vaccaro podcast and praised his wife's career.

“I want her to have her own spotlight — it’s about her, it’s not about me,” he said. “I’ve been in the spotlight since ’99, and right now, I’m just chilling with the kids, chilling with Jade, traveling the world with her.”

Phillips has three kids: daughter Micole and son Micah from previous relationships and daughter Bailey Quinn, whom he shares with Cargill.

So who is Jade Cargill's husband? Here's everything to know about Brandon Phillips and his relationship with the WWE star.

Phillips is 11 years Cargill’s senior

<p>Brandon Phillips/Instagram</p> Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips

Brandon Phillips/Instagram

Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips

In her personal essay, Cargill wrote about the couple’s age difference and how they love to poke fun at this in their relationship.

“He’s 11 years older than me — so we always do the little math of where we were at in different times in our life," she wrote. "I legit think I must have been at one of his games when I was in elementary!”

Cargill continued, “But the dynamic is sweet. Brandon is a goofy, fun-loving man, and I’m very similar, so we just mesh. He’s the person that calms me down, I guess you could say. He’s my peace.”

He’s a former MLB player

<p>Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire/Getty</p> Brandon Phillips during the game between Atlanta and Boston on September 5th, 2018 at SunTrust Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire/Getty

Brandon Phillips during the game between Atlanta and Boston on September 5th, 2018 at SunTrust Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Like his wife, Phillips has left his mark in the sporting world. While Cargill is best known for her work in the wrestling ring, Phillips is one of MLB’s most-loved players.

The second baseman's baseball career spanned across 16 years. He debuted for the Cleveland Indians in 2002 and also spent several years with the Cincinnati Reds before eventually retiring in 2018 after his time with the Boston Red Sox.

“Playing for the Red Sox was nice. It was a huge eye-opener, it showed that they really take care of their family and it’s about a business, about being united,” he said during an appearance on the In the Front Row with Mike Vaccaro podcast. “The Red Sox, they really did it the right way. They really took care of their players.”

He and Cargill own a softball team

<p>Brandon Cargill Instagram</p> Brandon Phillips and Jade Cargill

Brandon Cargill Instagram

Brandon Phillips and Jade Cargill

Since 2022, Phillips and Cargill have co-owned a women’s softball team.

“We’re called The Texas Smoke,” he explained on the In the Front Row with Mike Vaccaro podcast. “I wanted to go with something that made you just think twice about it and catch your eye. I needed a name that nobody’s ever used."

By the following year, the couple led the team to success in the Women’s Professional Fastpitch softball championship.

“I love seeing the impact on women sports and creating a new environment for the next generation. Now, game face on, PLAYOFFS start today,” Cargill wrote on Instagram in celebration of winning multiple awards at the Women’s Professional Fastpitch banquet.

“How many people can really say that I was co-owner with my queen?” Phillips said in a statement on the team’s year-one performance. “And we won a championship.”

He co-owns the Lexington Legends

<p>Jade Cargill Instagram</p> Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips take a selfie inside a car

Jade Cargill Instagram

Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips take a selfie inside a car

In addition to his role in women’s softball, Phillips plays a big part in the leadership of MLB. The sporting veteran has been co-owner of the Lexington Legends since May 2021.

“Having a future Hall of Famer on the Field, in the Clubhouse, and part of the Ownership Group is great for our entire community and the entire game of baseball,” said Legends president and CEO, Andy Shea, in a statement at the time. “Brandon’s talent level, passion for the game and engagement with fans is second to none. This is a great day for baseball, to officially have him back on our field.”

He and Cargill share one daughter

<p>Jade Cargill Instagram</p> Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips' daughter Bailey Quinn Phillips

Jade Cargill Instagram

Jade Cargill and Brandon Phillips' daughter Bailey Quinn Phillips

Phillips and Cargill have a daughter named Bailey Quinn, born in 2017.

In 2022, Cargill said she wants to be a pioneer for the next generation, and in particular, her daughter.

“I want Bailey to enjoy every second of this. And when someone asks her, 'What’s your mom do?' I want her eyes to light up as she tells that person everything she’s absorbed,” she wrote in her personal essay for The Players’ Tribune.

Cargill added that her daughter previously wasn’t a fan of her mom being a wrestler, but now she “can’t get enough of it.”

“She’s only 4, so I won’t lie: She used to cry during some of the shows because she thought I was getting beat up. (I felt so bad!!) But now Bailey can’t get enough of it," the WWE star continued. "She watches Dynamite, she watches Rampage, she watches every pay-per-view.”

His siblings also work in the sports world

<p>Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty</p> Brandon Phillips; Porsha Phillips

Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty

Brandon Phillips; Porsha Phillips

Sporting runs in the Phillips family, with all four of the siblings choosing to go into athletics.

The Red Sox champion’s younger sister Porsha Phillips is a professional basketball player and previously played in the WNBA for the San Antonio Silver Stars, while his younger brother PJ Phillips was named the manager of the New Jersey Jackals in November 2022.

Jamil Phillips, the oldest of the four siblings, played for the Texas Rangers in the 1997-1998 season and has owned a baseball training club since 2006. Offering hitting lessons, Legacy Arena Baseball (LAB) aims to “build your child's confidence with one-on-one training." During the lessons, the staff “guides them on the proper way to swing the bat and make smart plays during the game.”

In late 2022, the Phillips siblings were inducted into their high school hall of fame for their achievements in sports.

“The Phillips family provided us with great athletes but also provided us with great kids. Everything they got they earned,” said former Redan High School and baseball coach Gregg Goodwin in an article published in The Champion newspaper. “They could have gone to any private school they wanted to, anywhere they wanted to go, but it has been a blessing as a teacher and a coach to have that kind of family.”

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