Jagmeet Singh's Punjabi poutine a hit on social media

A recipe posted on Twitter by federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh of his inspired Thanksgiving dish is proving to be a hit.

On Oct. 14, Singh posted a cooking video of himself making “Punjabi poutine,” which he calls his favourite meal to make at Thanksgiving.

In the video segment, which is titled Cooking wIth Jagmeet, Singh fries up onions and sweet potatoes, while talking to a contest winner about his love of the French language. He explains that the dish is a mix of French Canadian and Punjabi cultures, which pairs traditional spices for the gravy along with fried sweet potatoes and cheese curds.

There appeared to be a lot of interest in Singh’s dish, as he followed up the video by tweeting a shot of the handwritten recipe.

The video’s been viewed 152,000 times and has inspired a lot of hungry and inspired followers.