Jake Paul criticised after appearing to announce Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague had their baby


Jake Paul has sparked backlash after he seemingly revealed that Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury have had their baby.

The former Love Island stars, 23, announced that they were expecting their first child together, a daughter, in September. The couple shared the news on Instagram with a black-and-white video, which Hague captioned: “I can’t wait for the adventures that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.”

Earlier this month, Hague also shared a third-trimester pregnancy update with her fans and followers on YouTube, where she showed off her pregnant stomach and hinted that she was nearing her due date.

“Here I am. Here is baby girl, full term. I am now nine months pregnant,” she said in the video, adding that she was “literally two weeks away from giving birth”.

In a YouTube video shared on 26 January, Hague walked her followers through what she would be packing in the bag she planned to bring to the hospital for the birth. In the video, she hinted that the video’s timing was important, with Hague telling viewers that there was “a lot going on”.

“Put it this way, I just need to get this video filmed,” she said, before noting that it would likely be the last video she shared before the birth.

However, as of now, the couple has not publicly revealed whether Hague has given birth.

Despite this, Paul appeared to suggest on 27 January that the couple had welcomed their first child.

The boxer, 26, made the suggestion in a tweet about his upcoming boxing match with Fury, which is scheduled for 26 February in Saudi Arabia.

“Tommy has no excuses now… baby’s born,” Paul tweeted Friday, a day after the match was confirmed. “Money’s massive. Immigration no issue. Tyson promises he & Papa will make Tommy retire from boxing & change his last name if he can’t beat the YouTuber.”

Paul concluded the tweet adding that he would be “coming to London to look at all three Furys in the eye and shake on that promise.”.

The post has since sparked backlash on Twitter, where many have accused Paul of seemingly sharing the couple’s news before they did.

“Jake Paul announcing the birth of someone else’s baby before they do seems cruel to me, I feel like he robbed them of a special moment for, what, a cheap shot?” one person tweeted.

Another said: “It’s actually quite sad that Jake Paul has announced Tommy and Molly’s baby has been born.”

“Not Jake Paul announcing Molly-Mae’s baby being born!! Absolutely vile!!” someone else said.

The Independent has contacted representatives for Hague, Fury and Paul for comment.