Jamie Raskin Returns George Santos’ Thank You Letter With Copyedits and a Call to Resign: ‘Apologize to the People of New York’

When Congressman George Santos sent a thank you letter to fellow congressional members who voted not to expel him from the House this week, he got a lesson in grammar — and a call to resign — from Rep. Jamie Raskin.

After escaping the expulsion effort in the House, New York Republican Santos sent the letter of gratitude to his colleagues.

Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, marked up the letter, correcting spelling and grammar errors, and wrote that “it’s not shameful to resign.”

Santos started his congressional term with controversy as reporters discovered false claims on his resume regarding his education and work history. He also has been caught in lies about his family history and sports accomplishments. Recently he came under fire for alleged personal use of campaign contributions.

The House voted not to expel Santos or Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) on Wednesday. Per Raskin’s own assessment, he voted to not expel Santos over concern that it would set a dangerous precedent, not in an act to protect or side with the embattled Republican.

The copy of the letter, marked up by Raskin, surfaced Friday via Politico.

“I am writing to express my gratitude to you for standing up for the principals [sic] of due process and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty,” Santos wrote. “Never in the history of this body has an expulsion been carried out before a member has stood before a jury of their peers and been convicted of the alleged crimes they have been accused. I want to sincerely emphasize that I know that your vote was not done for me, but for the sanctity of this institution and the possibility of setting a very dangerous precedent. For that, I thank you.”

At the bottom of the edited copy of Santos’ thank you letter, Raskin wrote his response after fixing errors to read “crimes of which they have been accused” and “to avoid setting a very dangerous precedent.”

“I appreciate your note and only wish someone had proofread it first,” Raskin wrote. “Meantime, you should apologize to the people of New York for all of your lies and deceit. I know you must have thought you could get away with it all in the party of Trump, but the truth is resilient.”

“P.S.,” he added. “It’s not shameful to resign.”

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