Jason Momoa Says He Would've Pursued Politics to 'Fight for Our Planet' If He Wasn't an Actor (Exclusive)

"If I could go back and be in sixth grade, I would make my life go towards making a change," the actor says

Jason Momoa has thought about alternate career paths.

The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom actor, 44, appeared on PEOPLE in 10 this week to discuss his new travel docuseries On the Roam. Momoa shared that if he didn't end up an actor, he would've pursued politics in order to help save the planet.

“I’d wanna do something to help the environment,” he says. “The way the world’s going, I would've, if I was still young Jason, 12-year-old Jason, I'd probably try to do something to get into politics, really fight for our planet.”

He adds, “If I could go back and be in sixth grade, I would make my life go towards making a change.”

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<p>Alberto Rodriguez/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty</p>

Alberto Rodriguez/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty

Momoa, who recently appeared in a documentary about sustainability called Common Ground, shares the practices he teaches others who want to contribute to making a change.

“I would just start in the home. Like, what are the small things you can do on how to save energy?” he explains, adding, “What are we taking in that we can consider, ‘Do we need that?’ ”

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In the new year, Momoa says his biggest goal for himself is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Beyond typical healthy practices, he says he also wants to focus on his mental wellbeing, such as loving himself more and keeping stress under control.

“I’m a stressful guy and I’m very high-strung, so I’m going to try to chill out,” he says.

<p>Jon Kopaloff/Getty</p>

Jon Kopaloff/Getty

To act on that self-love, Momoa has to treat himself every once in a while. The Meili Vodka founder reveals how he likes his drink — and what people who know him have begun to call it.

“I love it neat and at room temperature,” he says. “But if I had to have it in a drink, I would have a dirty — they call it a 'Dirty Momo.' I'd have a dirty martini, is the way I love it.”

Momoa jokes that “vodka never did anything wrong,” admitting the only drink that gets him “in trouble” is whisky.

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Momoa’s new project On the Roam follows him living a nomadic lifestyle, venturing around the world and exploring people with special crafts and skills.

“The whole show is about things that I'm curious with and things that I’m interested in learning,” he says.

<p>Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty</p>

Shane Anthony Sinclair/Getty

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He opened up to PEOPLE earlier this month about how he hopes his children care for the environment in the future. He said he tries to teach them what he knows and does, and his film Common Ground takes that a step further.

"I feel like I'm doing it and I'm almost force-feeding my children too much," said Momoa, dad to son Nakoa-Wolf, 15, and daughter Lola, 16.

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"I took it to their school and we played it at their school, and it was fun to watch all their friends watching it, but I'm like, secretly, I wish they even took it more to the next level," he continues.

"I want the next generation to take it even more. And they are, some people are, but you just got to deal with what feels good to you, and it just fuels me. That's what I'm fighting for."

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