Jay Cutler on dating again after Kristin Cavallari split: 'It's hard as hell'

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Jay Cutler has been single for more than a year, but he's not having a whole lot of luck in the romance department. The former NFL quarterback, who was with Kristin Cavallari for over a decade, opened up about the challenges of dating again on his Uncut With Jay Cutler podcast.

"It's hard as hell really," he exclaimed.

When Cutler's guest said it can't be hard dating "when you're Jay Cutler," the athlete disagreed.

"It is hard," he declared. "Meeting people is hard... I think finding out what people really want from you, I think that's probably an issue. I'm at a different phase of my life now with kids and priorities have just changed. It isn't just a purely selfish play by my part."

Cavallari, 34, and Cutler, 38, share three kids: sons Camden, 9, and Jaxon, 7, plus daughter Saylor, 5.

"There are a lot of other aspects that have to be taken into consideration whenever you get back out into that world and the whole landscape has changed," he said. "You know, there are apps, there's Twitter, there's Instagram, it's a whole different ball game. You're not just walking into a restaurant or bar and talking to somebody. That doesn't exist anymore."

When asked what he's looking for in a date, Cutler said he doesn't know yet.

"I wish I knew, I think I'm trying to figure that out throughout this process, but I will. It's not a rush for me at this point," he replied.

One place to start might be making sure politics align. Cutler sparked some outrage when he spoke out against mask mandates at schools, revealing he was even dropped from an Uber Eats ad over his stance.

Although Cutler and Cavallari have maintained a healthy co-parenting relationship since splitting in April 2020, she seems to have had a bit more luck dating. The former Laguna Beach star moved on with comedian Jeff Dye but called it quits earlier this year.

"I dated somebody and it was great," Cavallari said in May. "He was the perfect guy to date after Jay. He was really sweet, made me feel really good. But now I just want to be by myself."

The reality star added the thought of marriage right now makes her "cringe."

"I still very much believe in it, and I do think that I'll meet someone eventually," she shared.