Jenna Bush Hager Says Son Hal, 4½, Is Finally Sleeping in His 'Big Boy Bed': ‘He Was Scared’

The 'Today' co-host is mom to daughters Mila and Poppy, as well as son Hal

<p>NBC/Today/Youtube</p> Jenna Bush Hager


Jenna Bush Hager's son Hal in his "big boy bed"

Jenna Bush Hager's son has passed another milestone.

On Thursday's episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna, Bush Hager, 42, chatted with co-host Hoda Kotb, 59, about how her son Hal had graduated from his crib and is now spending the night in his own bed.

"Sweet Hal. Hal's been in a crib since birth until about a week ago," Kotb shares after asking Bush Hager about how old her youngest is.

"Yes so, I was still — I was quarantined. I was pushed away because I had COVID," Bush Hager says. "I was pushed away into my room watching all that was on television."

"So Henry heard him say, 'Daddy! Daddy! And then he went in and he said, 'I'm ready.' 'And Henry said, ‘You’re ready for what?’ And he said, ‘I need to move into my big boy bed,' " the mom of three recalls.

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"So the big boy bed's been waiting?" Kotb asks.

"It's been in the room for about two years. And there he is. But it all happened without his mother’s help. And leaves me to wonder if I’m too overbearing, when it comes just to him — the others…" Bush Hager trails off.

"It is funny because sometimes when we are out of the picture, we think no changes are going to happen without our urging," Kotb tells her friend.

"Because y’all had shamed me and really the whole community had shamed me over the fact that he was in a crib," Bush Hager continues. "You all had shamed me a little. And said, ‘Hal, I think it’s time. Some friends have said it’s time.’ And he was not ready, he was scared."

"What I love is he really did tell you he was ready. And what difference does it make if he’s in a crib or in a bed. And when he’s 20 he’s not going to remember he was in a bed until he was 4 and a half," Kotb says.

"Well he’ll remember because this will live on the internet," Bush Hager quips.

Bush Hager shares her three kids — daughters Mila, 10, and Poppy, 8, and son Hal — with husband Henry Hager.

In October, Bush Hager revealed that her son was still sleeping in his crib on another episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna.

"Okay but y'all, it's normal right?" Bush Hager asked the audience in the segment, to which they responded with nos.

"What! I wasn't even asking you! I was asking them," she joked, referring to the viewers at home. "It's normal to have a 4-year-old, your last child, nicely in his crib where he feels safe, right?"

Later in the conversation, Kotb asked, "Okay, but he likes it? Did you ask him if he wants out?"

"Yeah, I'm ready to move him but he's not wanting to," Bush Hager shared.

"I said, 'Do you want to maybe move...maybe let's try to talk about maybe moving you next week to your bed.' And he said, 'Not this Cwistmas but next Cwistmas,'" Bush Hager continued, mimicking her son's voice. "He wants to be a kindergartner in his crib."

"Anyway. To each their own," Bush Hager concluded as Kotb laughed.

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