Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Arrive Separately to Samuel Affleck’s Graduation

Matt Winkelmeyer

After canceling her tour to spend time with her family, Jennifer Lopez seems to be doing just that, and recently attended an event for a member of the Affleck family, even if she wasn’t with her husband, Ben, while there.

On June 12, Lopez and her twins, Max and Emme, attended Ben Affleck’s son Sam’s graduation (from what? He’s 12 so we’re not entirely sure) in Santa Monica. Ben arrived with his mother, according to TMZ, while his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, accompanied her and Affleck’s other two children, Fin and Violet. The outlet reports that J.Lo and B.Aff didn’t interact at the event.

A moment of silence for the nonceleb kids at that school who just wanted to celebrate their accomplishments but their aunts and uncles from out of town were like, “Did you see Jennifer Lopez?” You are not forgotten.

<h1 class="title">*EXCLUSIVE* A chic Jennifer Lopez attends Sam Affleck's graduation</h1><cite class="credit">RMLA, SPOT</cite>

*EXCLUSIVE* A chic Jennifer Lopez attends Sam Affleck's graduation


This latest sighting comes amid a bit of a crisis in the House of Bennifer. The couple are reportedly selling their $60 million dream house just a year after moving in, and the divorce rumors are coming from every direction, with nary a denial in sight. “They’ll never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her. There’s no way it could have lasted. They waited almost two decades to get back together, but in the end, they just couldn’t make it work…. They both said they’d matured and learned from their mistakes, but some of the bigger issues that tore them apart the first time remained the same,” a source said of the state of their union.

But it looks like Jennifer Lopez still has her engagement ring on. That big green rock (it’s a diamond) is hard to miss. And TMZ’s pic shows Affleck with his wedding band firmly in place. So whatever stage they’re at…they’re both at it.

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