Jeremy Renner uses ‘anti-gravity’ treadmill to recover from snowplough accident

Jeremy Renner shared a video of himself walking on an anti-gravity treadmill nearly three months after the snowplough accident.

Renner was “trying to save his nephew” when he was run over by a 14,000-pound snowplough outside his home in Nevada on New Year’s Day and rushed to hospital.

Renner had suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries in the incident and later revealed he had broken more than 30 bones.

On Sunday (26 March), the 52-year-old actor posted a video of himself on Instagram Stories where he was walking on an anti-gravity treadmill as part of his physical therapy.

“It’s like having a cane,” he said in the video, adding that the equipment enables him to feel “less weight”.

Since leaving hospital, Renner has been sharing updates of his recovery on social media, including his workout routines for rehabilitation.

“Now is the time for my body to rest and recover from my will,” the Avengers star wrote in the caption of his treadmill video.

Earlier this month, Renner shared another clip of him working out at home.

 (Jeremy Renner/Instagram)
(Jeremy Renner/Instagram)

In the video, the actor was on an exercise bike using a handheld pole to help push his left leg.

“Whatever it takes,” he wrote in a caption over the video.

The Hawkeye star was also spotted in public for the first time since his snowplough accident.

According to Mail Online, Renner was seen in a car in LA, before going into an office building.

The actor was wearing a t-shirt and glasses and stayed in the office building for around 30 minutes, the publication said.