Jimmy Buffett's 3 Kids: All About Savannah, Delaney and Cameron Buffett

The late 'Margaritaville' singer shared two daughters and a son with wife Jane Slagsvol

<p>Delaney Buffett/Instagram</p> Jimmy Buffett with wife Jane Slagsvol (center) and children (from left) Delaney, Savannah and Cameron

Delaney Buffett/Instagram

Jimmy Buffett with wife Jane Slagsvol (center) and children (from left) Delaney, Savannah and Cameron

Jimmy Buffett was not only a music legend but a devoted dad.

The "Margaritaville" singer, who died on Friday at age 76, shared three children with his wife Jane Slagsvol: daughters Savannah and Delaney and son Cameron.

According to a statement on his social media and website, Buffett died surrounded by his loved ones. “Jimmy passed away peacefully on the night of September 1 surrounded by his family, friends, music and dogs," the statement said. "He lived his life like a song till the very last breath and will be missed beyond measure by so many."

Although Buffett was very private about his family life, he did offer rare glimpses through his music lyrics. His hit 1996 "Jamaica Mistaica" opens with the lines, "Some folks say that I've got the perfect life/Three swell kids, lots of toys and a lovely wife."

Here’s everything to know about Jimmy Buffett's three kids, Savannah, Delaney and Cameron.

Savannah Buffett, 44

<p>Albert L. Ortega/Getty</p> Jimmy Buffett and daughter Savannah Buffett

Albert L. Ortega/Getty

Jimmy Buffett and daughter Savannah Buffett

Buffett became a father for the first time when he and Slagsvol welcomed their oldest daughter, Savannah, in Aspen, Colorado, in June 1979. On her personal website, Savannah, a radio personality, wrote about a childhood full of travel with her parents, saying she "had a passport before she could walk." She described enjoying a "get-up-and-go lifestyle," living in Nashville, New York, Malibu, Aspen and St. Barths — as well as on countless tour buses as she joined her musician dad on the road.

Savannah attended Pitzer College in California but decided to leave school early and move to Hollywood to pursue her dream of working in the music business. She DJed, worked for A&R and even lived with members of Maroon 5 and Phantom Planet, acting as a "musical den mother" to them, according to her website.

"It was a terrific time, there were tons of cool, developing musicians, and we just created this very low-key, vibe-y scene in this house we were living in," Savannah recalled. "We had a rehearsal space, and built a studio in the backyard. It encouraged people to feel free to explore, jam and share all types of music."

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Savannah later enrolled at the University of Miami to study film and English, but music kept calling. She began producing small shows for Radio Margaritaville, which at the time was only available via the internet. SiriusXM eventually picked up the station, and Savannah had an opportunity to launch her own show, the Savannah Daydreamin' Radio Hour, which still airs today.

Buffett's oldest child also became a music supervisor for the 2006 film "Hoot" and started her own apparel brand, A1A, inspired by her father's early music.

<p>Jimmy Buffett/Instagram</p> Jimmy Buffett traveling with daughter Savannah Buffett

Jimmy Buffett/Instagram

Jimmy Buffett traveling with daughter Savannah Buffett

According to Savannah's Instagram page, she and the "Come Monday" singer continued to enjoy many travels around the world together. She frequently shared photos of the pair's adventures, including a moment in 2017 when Buffett pulled out his guitar and did an impromptu performance for local Fijians during a trip to Tavarua.

In 2016, the father-daughter duo revisited Savannah's birthplace together. "Me and the old man...in the background the old wooden bridge that lead to our old house in old Snowmass!" she wrote on Instagram at the time, sharing a photo of her and Buffett from the sentimental trip. "Such an awesome time cruising down memory lane in my birthplace with my pops! #AspenAvocado."

Sarah Delaney Buffett, 31

<p>Walter McBride/WireImage</p> Jimmy Buffett with daughter Delaney Buffett and wife Jane

Walter McBride/WireImage

Jimmy Buffett with daughter Delaney Buffett and wife Jane

Buffett's second daughter, Sarah — who goes by the name Delaney — was born in Nashville in April 1992, according to her IMDb page.

She has worked as a producer and director on films including 2016's City of Angels, 2017's The Spring and 2018's Up the Stairs. Last year, she revealed on Instagram that she co-wrote a romantic-comedy movie called Manville, which Lea Thompson had signed on to direct.

"[The film is] about two friends who discover the town where they’re keeping all the great guys. It’s based on a true story (not really but we wish)," she wrote in her post.

Throughout 2020, amid the pandemic lockdown, Delaney and her father collaborated on a special project: a YouTube video series called "Songs You Don't Know by Heart." In each video, Delaney, who was behind the camera, asked her dad questions about a different rare song from his music catalogue, and then he performed it live.

<p>Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock</p> Jane and Jimmy Buffett with daughter Delaney and a friend in 2002

Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

Jane and Jimmy Buffett with daughter Delaney and a friend in 2002

"How did you spend your quarantine? Jimmy Buffett asked the fans to tell him which songs, not in his usual repertoire, would they like to hear? Within minutes, over 10,000 tracks were requested," read the video series' description. "Some songs he had to relearn as it's been so long since he played them! Directed by Jimmy's daughter, Delaney Buffett, the docuseries is an inside look of the stories and inspirations of the songs."

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Delaney spoke about how the series came about in an August 2020 interview. "The concept was to film dad and give intimate looks into songs and go down memory lane," she told Newsweek of the video series.

"I sit down one-on-one with him and get an unplugged version of these songs. Not only to jog his memory, but also mine to remember the stories he would tell," she continued. "Some songs he knew off cuff, and others it took some time for him to remember."

Delaney said the one-on-one format made it easier for her father to open up and share. "One of the great things about the father-daughter aspect of it is that it gives a look into our relationship," she explained to Newsweek. "I can make a snarky remark, and that's the beauty of our father-daughter relationship. I can ask a bad question and he'll brush it off, and then we'll laugh about it at dinner."

Cameron Buffett

<p>Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic</p> Jimmy Buffett with son Cameron in 2012

Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

Jimmy Buffett with son Cameron in 2012

Buffett and Slagsvol's son Cameron was born in 1994 and welcomed to their family through adoption. Cameron is not in the public eye like his sisters, but according to his Instagram page, he is married and shares his sibling Savannah's zest for travel and exploration. He has posted quite a few photos from trips and adventures around the world, including skiing in Whistler, Canada, and swimming in St. Barths.

Cameron accompanied his father to several events growing up, including a handful of NBA games in the 2000s and a Tribeca Film Festival screening of The Avengers in 2012.

<p>John Barrett/Photolink/Mediapunch/Shutterstock</p> Jimmy Buffett with son Cameron in 1999

John Barrett/Photolink/Mediapunch/Shutterstock

Jimmy Buffett with son Cameron in 1999

Like his late father, he appears to be a big music lover. He has shared several clips of DJ and EDM shows he's attended. Also like his dad, he is a big dog enthusiast, posting many pics of his "pomsky" puppy, and enjoys to spend time at the beach and on boats.

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