Jimmy Fallon Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day With Biden-Trump Limerick: ‘Choice Between a Saltine and a Cheeto’ | Video

Jimmy Fallon had fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early on Friday’s “The Tonight Show.” He didn’t get drunk on camera, but he did rattle off some clever limericks, including an election-themed one that labeled Joe Biden “a saltine” and Trump “a Cheeto.”

After more jokes about current events, Bill Murray came out onstage and interrupted the monologue so he and Ernie Hudson could talk about the new “Ghostbusters” movie. Fun stuff and you can watch the whole thing above now.

“This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone likes to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day. Then the next day people see all the drunk photos of themselves and edit them like the royal family,” Fallon joked.

“I love St. Patrick’s because even people who aren’t Irish trying to explain how little bit Irish they are, they’re like ‘Yeah, I saw U2.’ Of course, what’s St. Patrick’s Day without corned beef and cabbage, and I like any good Irishman started boiling mine around mid-January.”

Discussing how to celebrate, Fallon added, “I thought maybe better to read a few of my favorite Irish limericks for you guys right now.” And then he proceeded to drop some limericks on us.

“St. Patrick’s Day is here, a time to drink green beer. But if you have more than three, next morning you’ll be squirtin’ shamrock shake out of your rear,” Fallon began.

“March Madness, I love you truly, so I entered me Office pool-y. But the teams that I trusted, let me bracket go busted. Now I owe 20 grand to FanDuel-y,” Fallon continued.

“Spring break the students were going — excited, they all were a-glowin’. Then they let out a squeal, lost the door and the wheel, guess they shouldn’t have flown in a Boeing,” Fallon quipped.

Then he got to the election joke. “To running for president, we know, the polls show it’s a dead heat-o. The campaign is long, the candidates ain’t strong — a choice ‘tween a saltine and a Cheeto.”

You can, as we said, watch the full monologue above. And skip to the 5 minute mark to see Bill Murry and Ernie Hudson. You can also seem them teaching Jimmy Fallon just how to use a proton pack:

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