Jimmy Fallon Mocks Donald Trump’s Pizza Delivery Skills: ‘He’s Clearly Never Held a Box of Pizza Before’ | Video

Donald Trump stopped by New York fire station Engine Co. 8, Ladder Co. 2 in Midtown after his hush money trial concluded for the day, delivering pizza for the firefighters. But as Jimmy Fallon told his “Tonight Show” audience Friday night, “He’s clearly never held a box of pizza before,” as he showed footage of Trump tilting the pizza box wildly as he made his delivery.

“Enjoy your boxtop covered with cheese, everybody — here you go, here’s your pizza,” Fallon continued in a Trump voice.

“He’s holding a pizza box like it’s one of those marble mazes,” Fallon added.

“He holds a pizza box like a Kardashian holds a salad,” Fallon said as he tagged the bit.

Trump’s visit Thursday, which lasted about 10 minutes, appeared to be successful with the firefighters at the station. One told the GOP candidate, “You gotta win!” and another commented, “Sir, save us please.”

Elsewhere in his monologue, Fallon joked about recently announced plans to declassify marijuana. He explained, “Some big news this week, there are plans to reclassify marijuana as a lower-risk substance, putting it on the same level as some types of Tylenol.”

He then joked that a commercial promoting marijuana has already been shared. The made-up commercial for “fast-acting marijuana” claimed “In just 15 minutes, you’ll go from stressed out to chilled out,” but it also listed several side effects — including “watching 14 straight hours of ‘House Hunters,’ reading the same page of a book 350 times, staring at your hands while giggling at the word ‘phalanges,’ putting your headphones on your cat because Baxter needs to hear ‘The Tortured Poets Department,’ inviting the UberEats delivery guy inside and saying, ‘so what’s your deal anyway’…”

“…wondering why they call it chunky peanut butter and not ‘big-boned peanut butter,’ thinking you have a great idea for an invention until you realize you just came up with the iPhone, trying to play Connect Four and not being able to remember the rules,” the commercial’s rundown continued.

Fallon’s monologue included quips about the Kentucky Derby, New York sports, Trump’s potential vice presidential candidates and more. He also continued to ridicule Trump’s skill when it comes to steadily holding a pizza during his “Thank You Notes” segment.

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue and “Thank You Notes” segment in the video above.

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