Jimmy Fallon Mocks 'Unemployed' Trump For His Biden Debate Taunt

Jimmy Fallon ridiculed Donald Trump this week for his stunt daring Joe Biden to a debate.

At a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, the former president said he would debate his successor “anytime, anywhere, anyplace.” He had an empty lectern near him on the stage with those three words on it.

“Trump said he’ll debate anytime, anywhere, anyplace,” Fallon said on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday. “Biden was like, ‘Tell me you’re unemployed without telling me you’re unemployed.’”

“At first, his campaign staff was laughing, but after Trump debated the podium for 30 minutes, they were like, ‘Oh boy, it might be time for another cognitive test,’” the late night host went on. “Meanwhile, Trump’s so broke he sold the podium for $5,000.”

A Biden campaign spokesperson on Tuesday night called Trump’s setup a “weak merch play from a guy desperate to avoid talking about how he’s got no cash, no campaign infrastructure, and no answer for how his chaotic, divisive and violent campaign is going to win this November.”

Trump declined to participate in any of the Republican presidential primary debates before becoming the presumptive nominee.

Watch Fallon’s roast below.