Jimmy Fallon Uses Old Trump Clips To Hilariously Answer His 'Interview' Questions

Jimmy Fallon conducted a mock interview with Donald Trump, and it was as cheeky as you’d expect.

The Tonight Show” host read out a series of questions, and used video clips of the former president speaking at various past events to answer them.

The results included the following exchange:

Fallon: What have you thought of your criminal trial so far?

Trump: I was starting to fall asleep watching.

Fallon: How did you feel when Stormy Daniels showed up?

Trump: I woke up, and I said, “I feel great!” Boom! Superman.

Fallon: Just for the record, how long was your encounter with Ms. Daniels back in 2006?

Trump: Just, like, 10 seconds.

Fallon: I heard that tomorrow you’re getting the day off of court to go to your son Barron’s graduation. Are you and Barron close?

Trump: Barney is a fantastic guy.

Fallon: You’re also campaigning for president. If you had to decide today, who would be your running mate?

Trump: Hannibal Lecter!

Check it out below.