Jimmy Kimmel Mocks ‘Desperate’ Fox News For Weirdest Biden Burn Ever

Jimmy Kimmel said Fox News is “so desperate to smear” President Joe Biden that it’s starting to get absurd.

“They are literally now grasping at straws,” the late-night host said, then played a clip of Fox News personality Jesse Watters complaining about the president drinking a milkshake through a straw.

“Men should never suck anything through a straw,” Watters declared.

“Really? Is that a thing now?” a perplexed Kimmel fired back. “Anyone feel like Jesse Watters might be going through some sort of an identity crisis?”

Then, he found a picture of Fox News favorite Donald Trump also slurping a drink through a straw.

“Oh my God!” Kimmel said in mock disbelief as he urged Watters to apologize to the former president “right now.”

And that’s not even the strangest anti-Biden clip on Fox News this week.

See what else Kimmel found in his Tuesday night monologue: