Job Seeker Accidentally Sends Nude Selfies To HR Manager

When looking for a job it’s always best to make yourself as polite and presentable as possible - although it’s a good idea to keep your clothes ON.

One job seeker who broke this rule found himself out of work before his start date after he accidentally sent the HR manager a naked selfie.

The unnamed job seeker had applied for work at a company in St Charles, Chicago, last month and was later offered the job.

However, the man then managed to send the two saucy pictures by text to the HR manager at his new employer.

At first they didn’t realise who the pictures were from but when the man rung the company, bosses recognised the number on caller ID and realised who had sent them the selfies.

The HR manager then called the police on the company’s new hiring.

Chief Michael Ruth told the Chicago Tribune: “There was a conditional offer of employment made to this particular applicant.

"He texted the HR director and sent a nude photo of himself.”

Police made contact with the naked texter, who claimed he was trying to send them to someone else.

The police report stated: ”(Police) advised the offender to cease any contact with the victim.”

No charges were made but the job seeker is now back on the market after the company withdrew their offer of employment.

Pic: Rex - posed by model