Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas had a ‘life-changing’ procedure ahead of their next tour dates

Two of the Jonas Brothers are seeing the world more clearly these days.

After years of forgetting their glasses on tour stops and dealing with dry eyes from their contacts, Kevin and Joe Jonas decided that before they hit the stage again later this month, they would both undergo a procedure to help them see better.

“We both had eye surgery,” Joe Jonas told CNN in an interview this week. “I got it first. I had a consultation with a few different people to see what it would be like for me if I was eligible to get the surgery.”

Joe said he was initially “nervous” for the procedure, called an EVO ICL, which is an implantable eye lens that corrects vision issues and can eliminate the need for glasses or contacts.

“I’m the kind of person if you have an itch, I’m like going on WebMD and I’m spiraling,” he continued. “But I love it. It’s life-changing, really.”

“I was with a friend was walking around New York City the same day I got the surgery,” Joe added. “By the end of the day, I was sat at a restaurant and I was getting emotional because I could read labels of bottles of wine.”

Kevin, home in New Jersey following a trip to India to perform in Mumbai, told CNN that when he would jump around on stage or swim in the ocean, he could never fully enjoy it because he couldn’t see correctly.

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas of Jonas Brothers performing in 2021. - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images North America/Getty Images
Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas of Jonas Brothers performing in 2021. - Kevin Mazur/Getty Images North America/Getty Images

“Your contacts float away,” he laughed. “There’s a lot of things you have to think about. I’d be miserable, and it just became such a nuisance. So I was like, I have to do this.”

“It was mind-blowing,” Kevin said of his results. “I remember waking up the next morning, waking up with my wife, looking at our thermostat and I could read it. I actually started to tear up. My daughter walking into the room right after, I could see her face.”

While the two gear up to head out on the next leg of “The Tour” with their brother Nick, they are also watching what they eat and working with trainers daily, who travel with the group on the road. The Jonas Brothers are doing a lot of adulting these days, but they still embrace their boy band label.

“We are fine with whatever people say as long as they like the music, who cares,” Joe laughed. “When we were younger, we probably didn’t like that. We wrote our own songs. We played our own instruments. We were very proud of that. Not saying that other band boy bands don’t do that, but we took ourselves very seriously.”

“The Tour” heads to the Philippines on Feb. 22.

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