Joe Jonas opens up about losing Spider-Man role to Andrew Garfield

Joe Jonas plays a pilot in the just-released Korean War drama Devotion but he almost took to the skies in a very different manner — in a very different movie ten years ago.

In an interview with Variety, Jonas talked about auditioning for the role of Peter Parker in director Marc Webb's 2012 superhero movie The Amazing Spider-Man, a role which ultimately went to Andrew Garfield. The British Garfield would go on to reprise the part in 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and last year's Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Asked if he could remember a role which destroyed him when the Jonas Brothers member didn't get it, the actor-musician replied, "I can name probably a couple. In the moment, you're destroyed or you're defeated. But you realize this person was brilliant. I remember years ago I was up for Spider-Man and I was so, so excited and it was the year Andrew Garfield got it."

"Obviously, he was the right one," he continues, "but I remember that was a big thing at the time, going back for callbacks and the director used to be a music video director. So I was like, 'I got an in here.' But you know what? I love the process of auditioning and putting yourself out there and having to prove yourself."

TIFF 2022 Portraits
TIFF 2022 Portraits

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Jonas also revealed that his wife, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, helped him tape his audition for Devotion. Calling his wife, his "toughest critic" he notes that being married to a "phenomenal actress" means "you got to bring your A-game."

"I'm going to be a little nervous [but she's] super helpful and I feel like what a great acting coach to walk me through this. And I do have her to thank."

Directed by JD Dillard, and based on real events, Devotion details the relationship between Jonathan Majors' U.S. Navy aviator Jesse L. Brown and Glen Powell's fellow pilot Tom Hudner while Jonas portrays a friend and colleague of the two lead characters.

"The film is a true story about the first African-American naval air force pilot and his band of brothers," Jonas recently told EW. "I play Marty Goode, who is kind of the class clown, someone that breaks the intense energy of some of the conversations that are had between these different guys and the situations they're put into. But also he backs it up with experience, he's been in the navy for a long time, and he's got the experience, so he can make these jokes because, at the end of the day, he'd been through it before, and no one can really talk back to him."

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