Joe Swash says Stacey Solomon ‘puked all over his bathroom’ when they first met

Former king of the jungle Joe Swash says one of the first times he met his wife Stacey Solomon she had thrown up all over the walls of his bathroom.

The actor and TV personality, who has been married to Solomon since 2022, said there was “not much” she could do that would “put me off her”.

The pair married last year after they met following her stint on the show in 2010, with the couple having three children during their 13-year long relationship.

Swash recalled their first encounters during a special episode of I’m A Celebrity… South Africa on Friday, which showed previously unseen moments from the recent ITV all-star series.

Brit Awards 2017 – Arrivals – London
The actor and TV personality, who has been married to Solomon since 2022, said there was ‘not much’ she could do that would ‘put me off her’ (PA)

In one clip, Swash recalled: “One of the first times I met Stacey we got drunk on red wine, but Stacey is definitely not a drinker.

“She came back to my house and she said ‘I’ll tell you what, instead of me getting the lift up I’ll race you up the stairs’ – she was drunk.

“By the time she got to the top of the stairs and got into my house before me, I went into the bathroom – when she’d run all the alcohol had mixed around her body.

“She puked all up the walls and puked on my mirror, it was brilliant mate.”

He added: “There’s not much she could do that would put me off her.”

Swash also told his campmates about his attempts to court Solomon during their time working together on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! while he had been hosting a spin-off series.

“We just spent all day together every day for about a week, and I knew instantly, I could feel something coming from her,” he said.

“And if she was gonna go home and I was still out there for another two or three weeks, I thought, ‘wow, I’ve got to show her how I feel before she goes home’.

“I thought it’d be romantic to just knock on her door and start kissing her… She didn’t take it that way.

“It was like kissing a wall, and then she just shut the door and I thought ‘no!’.”

He added: “I must have gotten under her skin… as soon as I landed, two weeks later, I went straight to her house and then that was it, we’ve been together ever since.”