Joel McHale Opens Up About Raising Son with Autism: 'Just Love That Kid' (Exclusive)

The comedian is dad to sons Edward, 19, and Isaac, 15, whom he shares with wife Sarah

<p>Gregg DeGuire/Variety/Getty</p> Joel McHale

Gregg DeGuire/Variety/Getty

Joel McHale

Joel McHale is opening up about raising his two boys.

In an exclusive clip shared with PEOPLE from next week's episode of Getting Grilled with Curtis Stone, the comedian, 52, chats with the celebrity chef about raising his sons Edward, 19, and Isaac, 15, with his wife Sarah.

"It's all the cliches. The greatest thing that's ever happened, right?" McHale says of being a dad. "And then it is the most challenging thing that's ever happened. It takes up a lot of time and money. But I don't think I will die alone and get eaten by cats because I think some family member will check in on me."

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"Our eldest, he's 18 and he's on the autism spectrum and he'll be the first to tell you that. And then he would walk up to you and go, 'Tell me about a time you got hurt.' And then wait for your answer," the Community actor says of his son Edward.

As their conversation continues, McHale reveals that while his son doesn't currently have plans to go to college, he's excited about the prospect of working on video games.

"So we're not sure what his trajectory is but he loves video games and he's good at them. So I think he might just skip college," the proud dad says. "I'm like, 'Go ahead. Just start work. Just learn that C++ language and start writing video games. Great.'"

McHale also shares that both of his sons are honing their comedic skills.

"They're both extremely sarcastic and make fun of me. Like when we say grace when we have dinner, Eddie will go, 'God is great. And Joel is not,' " he jokes. "Isaac will be like, 'Hey dad. When are you going to be relevant again? Do you think people will like you again at some point?' Yeah, there's a lot of that."

Stone later compliments McHale and his wife on raising Edward so well.

"There's no other choice other to just love that kid and see what he wants to do," McHale says.

"Life throws you all sorts of things," he adds. "And the journey with the kids has not been a traditional one, because everyone else around us is doing more typical things. And I'm like, 'Hey. It's all good. Let's see what happens.'"

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