'I can relate': The 'real' John Lewis says he has four adopted children after Christmas advert released

The man in the advert attempts to learn how to skate. (PA)
The man in the advert attempts to learn how to skate. (PA)

John Lewis has released its annual Christmas advert, shining a spotlight on children in care with the story of a middle-aged man learning to skateboard before welcoming a teenage girl into the family home.

The 90-second advert, titled The Beginner, features a man persevering with his new hobby in the run-up to Christmas, despite regularly failing and injuring himself.

Viewers are left questioning his motive until the final scene, which shows a social worker arriving at his door with young teenager Ellie, who has arrived at her new foster home carrying her skateboard.

The advert goes on to say that 108,000 children are in the care system.

Watch: John Lewis shines light on children in care in highly anticipated Christmas ad

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The advert also features an emotional cover of the Blink 182 song All The Small Things.

The emotional video has been met with a positive response, with large numbers of people sharing on social media that it had made them cry.

The advert particularly resonated with people who had experience with the care system

A user with the handle 'toonbear' said: "As the dad of an adopted son, this one got me. Awesome."

Many people praised the John Lewis advert. (PA)
Many people praised the John Lewis advert. (PA)

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Alison Jones said: "As a nurse for Children in Care, it’s great to see John Lewis raise awareness in their Christmas advert."

One response came from the man who is always thrust into the limelight at this time of year – John Lewis.

Lewis, who has the Twitter user name @Johnlewis, receives thousands of messages each year intended for the store, whose handle is @Johnlewisretail.

Instead of his usual jokes and commentary, Lewis instead shared a moving insight into his life and what the advert means to him.

He wrote: "Cheers. The ad is great. As the father of four adopted kids, I can relate."


Lewis's Tweet was also met with praise from social media users.

Twitter user @Maggie_perhaps wrote: "Isn't it wonderful? And how lovely that it has special meaning for you. But the big question...will you be getting a skateboard?"

Jo Price said: "Well now the ad feels even better."

Action for Children responded with: "We're pleased you liked the ad John Lewis."