John Oliver mocks Nancy Pelosi's tic-tac-toe joke as TikTok ban progresses: 'Did you say Tic“Tac?'”

The "Last Week Tonight" host says the politician “alienated every American under the age of 35.”

Like the rest of the internet, John Oliver refuses to let Nancy Pelosi off the hook for her bad TikTok pun.

During a segment on Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver addressed the latest update on the TikTok situation, after House lawmakers voted to pass a bill that will ban the app unless Chinese parent company ByteDance sells it. In a joke eerily similar to Hillary Clinton’s infamous “Pokemon Go to the polls” line, Pelosi used her time on the House floor to make a pun that was swiftly mocked on social media.

“This is not an attempt to ban TikTok. It’s an attempt to make TikTok better. Tic-tac-toe, a winner,” she says in the now-viral clip, using hand gestures to act out a diagonal win in the game. “A winner.”

After playing the video, Oliver quipped, “I’m curious. Is it a rule that, to be in Congress, you have to be one of the weirdest motherf---ers to ever live?” 

<p>Robyn BECK / AFP via Getty; Taylor Hill/Getty</p> John Oliver and Nancy Pelosi

Robyn BECK / AFP via Getty; Taylor Hill/Getty

John Oliver and Nancy Pelosi

He continued, “I would ask how that happened, but I think we all know she went to her speechwriter and said, ‘I have the perfect line for the TicTac vote,’ and they said, ‘Hey, did you just say TicTac?’ And she said, ‘You’re gonna love it,’ and they said, ‘Again, did you say TicTac?’ She said, ‘It’s a winner. It’s a winner.’”

The late night host concluded that Pelosi, positive her joke was a “winner,” then “marched to the floor and alienated every American under the age of 35.”

Oliver’s comments came days after the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to pass the bill, based on concerns that TikTok poses a threat to national security due to ByteDance Ltd.’s ties to the Chinese government. The measure gives the company six months to sell the app lest it lose access to app stores and web hosting services in the U.S. The bill will next head to the Senate, and President Joe Biden has affirmed his intent to sign, if post chambers pass it.

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