Jordan Klepper Exposes Donald Trump Supporter's Spectacularly Flawed Logic

Jordan Klepper got back to shining a light on the double standards of former President Donald Trump’s supporters during a segment that aired on Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

Klepper attended a Trump 2024 campaign rally in Racine, Wisconsin, earlier this week to talk with likely voters for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee about his upcoming debate with President Joe Biden, his hush money case conviction and more.

One MAGA devotee said she had previously coughed up money for Trump’s reelection fight, as she said many others had done since he was convicted, and would do so again in the future.

Klepper asked why.

It’s to “save our country from the border surge,” she said. “You don’t need to be shelling out money to immigrants who don’t deserve it.”

Klepper sought to clarify. He asked, “You’re sick and tired of your money going to people who committed crimes?”

“That’s right,” she replied, apparently not noticing the irony of donating thousands of dollars to Trump, who last month was found guilty of all 34 charges in his hush money case.

“Yeah,” snarked Klepper.

Another woman defended Trump, claiming it’s “like if you have a child and they pull some shenanigan. You don’t like what they do, you love the person, but you don’t necessarily like what they do.”

“The child analogy is kind of perfect,” Klepper responded. “But to be clear, we are talking about the person you want to be president?”

“I want him to be president, yes,” she replied.

Watch the full video here: