Get your jorts out: Regina's golfing season has started

'They're just itching to get out': Golfers happy to finally be taking hacks

When the Paisley Golf Oasis practice range first opened its doors 25 years ago, there used to be only tee-off mats on the open prairie, according to owners Bill and Karen Paisley. 

On Friday, the driving range west of Regina rolled out the mats and opened for another year of slices, hooks, duffs and long drives. Some years, there are six foot high banks of snow pushed aside but that's not the case this year, said Bill. 

Karen Paisley said their children have all grown up around the driving range.

"It doesn't seem like a business to us ... It's really quite a family-type business," she said. 

"It's gone by very quickly," Bill said of the quarter century mark. 

The course has added some new amenities over the years and the clientele has changed as well. Bill said women and families are more common than when Paisley Golf first opened 25 years ago. Back then, men were the primarily users of the range. 

"That's the biggest thing for us, to make sure when the customer comes out, they get value for their money and they enjoy themselves when they come here," Bill said.