Joy Behar Recalls Meeting Her Husband at a Nudist Colony: 'He Was Nude, I Was Not'

When Behar defended herself and revealed, "I don’t wear bathing suits in public," Alyssa Farah Griffin quipped of her husband, "Neither does Steve!"

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Steve Janowitz and Joy Behar

Though Joy Behar isn't the type to bare it all, it turns out her husband Steve Janowitz isn't afraid to let it hang!

While discussing Jason Kelce's rowdy behavior in the stands of Sunday's Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills, Behar, 81, made a shocking admission about where she met her husband on Thursday's episode of The View.

Last week, the Eagles center was seen shirtless and letting out a roar in the stands when his brother Travis Kelce made a touchdown.

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Behar admitted she was unfamiliar with Kelce's recent headlines and confessed she "couldn't care less" when her co-moderator Whoopi Goldberg agreed, "I must say you're not alone."

Alyssa Farah Griffin explained that it was important to "show your crazy upfront" to your partner so "you don't surprise them later." When Sunny Hostin asked if the television personality had ever "ripped your shirt off," Behar replied with a fervent "no."

"Oh, she definitely has. She met her husband at a nudist colony!" Sara Haines declared before Griffin clarified, "Partial nudist colony."

"First of all, he was nude, I was dressed," Behar added as Haines reiterated the importance of letting your "freak flag" fly upon "entry."

<p>PATRICK MCMULLAN/Patrick McMullan/Getty</p> Steve Janowitz and Joy Behar

PATRICK MCMULLAN/Patrick McMullan/Getty

Steve Janowitz and Joy Behar

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Behar explained that the couple met at a resort where she was "fully clothed."

"I don’t wear bathing suits in public," she continued, while Griffin quipped, "Neither does Steve!"

Behar and Janowitz dated for nearly 30 years before they married in a private ceremony on Aug. 11, 2011, in New York City. In 2009, she announced they had plans to wed, calling him her “spousal equivalent" — but later that year, she said got “cold feet” and broke off the engagement.

On her wedding to Janowitz being better late than never, Behar said in a 2011 episode of The View: “If he was going to get down on one knee, I wanted it to be during the time when he could still get up from one knee!"

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<p>PATRICK MCMULLAN/Patrick McMullan/Getty</p> Joy Behar and Steve Janowitz

PATRICK MCMULLAN/Patrick McMullan/Getty

Joy Behar and Steve Janowitz

This isn't the first time Behar has opened up about seeing her husband naked upon their first meeting.

“I don’t know if you know this about me, but I met my husband at a semi-nudist colony. It’s true,” she said matter-of-factly, speaking to guest Andrew Yang on The View in March 2020. “He was naked, I was not. Because for a man to see me naked, I have to be in his will."

Behar clarified that when they actually spoke for the first time later that night, Janowitz was fully dressed for the movie night the semi-nudist colony was hosting, but she recognized him from earlier in the day.

She laughed, recanting the surprised reactions she gets whenever she tells the origin story of her and her husband. "People say, ‘Joy, really? That twitching, crazy woman on The View?’ ”

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