Julia Louis-Dreyfus Drunkenly Forced to Choose Between Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David

Lloyd Bishop/NBC)
Lloyd Bishop/NBC)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus got brutally honest during Seth Meyers’ “Day Drinking” segment this week, as the pair guzzled a boatload of alcohol and Meyers quizzed her on everything from vice presidential trivia to other three-name celebrities.

“This show is a terrible idea,” Louis-Dreyfus said as she became more and more tipsy. She’d later tell Meyers that he bore a striking resemblance to Ray Bolger, aka Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz, which she meant in the “best possible way.” Meyers wasn’t buying it, telling her that at best her comparison meant he was a “3 out of 10.”

In addition to poking fun at Meyers, Louis-Dreyfus was unabashed about all of her enlightening answers—saying that she’d choose Beyoncé over Oprah (and then immediately regretting the honesty) and that neither Meyers, nor her husband Brad Hall were her favorite Weekend Update hosts on SNL: “Tina [Fey] and Amy [Poehler],” were her faves, she said.

The conversation divulged into further silliness as one would expect as the two continued to drink, downing everything from Jager Bombs to shots—and near the end, Meyers cashed in on his guest’s drunken state by questioning Louis-Dreyfus on her former Seinfeld costars. “I’m gonna ask you a question and you either have to answer Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David,” Meyers began.

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“Who would you wanna go to prom with?” Meyers then asked. “Is there a third choice?” she joked. But the scenarios got a little more serious and realistic as the game went on. “You’re in prison and you get to make one phone call,” Meyers said, to which Louis-Dreyfus solemnly replied that she’d call “Jerry” over David in that scenario.

She made headlines last week for offering a contradicting perspective on political correctness to Seinfeld in response to his take on how the “extreme left” has supposedly hurt comedy. But there’s no love lost between the two, based on that answer—and Louis-Dreyfus also said that between David and Seinfeld, she’d prefer the latter to help her pick an outfit for the Emmys.

Meyers set up a few more games that the drunken comedians laughed through until the very end, which finds Meyers on the floor as Louis-Dreyfus whispers in his ear, “This is the stupidest show I’ve ever done.”

For more, listen to Julia Louis-Dreyfus on The Last Laugh podcast.

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