Juno-winning jazz singer recovers from lightning strike

Ottawa jazz artist Kellylee Evans is recovering after being struck by lightning last month. She is performing in Toronto on Thursday afternoon.

Juno-winning jazz singer Kellylee Evans recalls the moment lightning struck her house, sending a surge of electricity through her body as she stood in her kitchen.

“Just as I was using my hand to wipe the water in the sink, that's when the lightning hit,” she told Metro Morning host Matt Galloway on Thursday. “I guess it conducted through the plumbing or the water and I felt the current jolt.”

At the time Evans, who lives outside Ottawa, wasn’t fully aware of the seriousness of what had happened to her on June 6. She went to sleep for 12 hours and when she awoke, felt fluttering in her chest and numbness along the left side of her body. Evans, who regularly sings for thousands of people, had trouble speaking, standing and walking.

After a visit to the doctor, Evans realized how serious her condition was.

“[The doctor said] I don't think you have anxiety, I think you almost died."

Evans rolled into the Metro Morning studio in a wheelchair, which she says is temporary until she recovers.

She’s able to walk for short periods but before long feels “like I'm walking through quicksand” and she has to sit down.

Evans posted a notice on her website, telling fans she’s okay and working on recovering: “Just wanted to let you know that, yes, it is true, I was hit by lightning two weeks ago. It was an electrifying experience. Yes, it was shocking. Ok, all puns aside, I am alright and getting better and better every day.

“Please don't worry. I just may be a little slower for a while but I expect to fully recover with all your prayers and positive thoughts doing all the hard work for me.”

Evans will be singing at First Canadian Place Park on King Street West, Thursday afternoon at 12:15 p.m.