Justin Turner is somehow responsible for breaking the latest 'Tiger King' news

Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner added a new title to his list of accomplishments Saturday. On top of being an All-Star and an NLCS MVP, Turner is now also a ... breaker of “Tiger King” news.

This is a weird one, so stick with us. With baseball’s regular season delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Turner and his wife, Kourtney Pogue, started a podcast. On the second episode, the two discuss the Netflix documentary “Tiger King,” which has become everyone’s favorite binge watch during quarantine.

Two members of the show — Jeff and Lauren Lowe — heard about that podcast, and recorded a video stating there would be one more episode of “Tiger King” coming to Netflix.

That rumor is not confirmed. Netflix has yet to comment on whether a new episode of “Tiger King” is coming to the streaming platform. Netflix did, however, post a new interview with Joe Exotic on Friday. That doesn’t necessarily prove anything, but it does mean Netflix has spoken to Exotic since the documentary.

The Lowes took ownership of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park near the end of the documentary. We’ll avoid spoiling what happened to Exotic in case you’re planning on watching. The new episode would presumably focus on them — which Jeff Lowe appears to confirm when he says Netflix will be shooting the footage the day after Lowe made that video for Turner.

So, if you enjoyed “Tiger King,” good news, it might be coming back for one more episode. If that actually comes to fruition, make sure you thank Justin Turner and Kourtney Pogue for getting the big scoop.

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