Kate Hudson releases teaser trailer for single ‘Talk About Love’

Kate Hudson has released a teaser trailer for her first single “Talk About Love” as she makes her musical debut.

The 44-year-old Almost Famous star took to Instagram on Monday, to reveal the details of her upcoming single with fans.

In the 13-second trailer, Hudson is seen in a fur coat and sunglasses driving around Los Angeles in a vintage car. The words “Talk About Love” then flash onto the screen with the single’s release date on 30 January.

In the caption of her post, Hudson wrote, “1.30” and fans were quick to comment, sharing their support for the Glass Onion actor’s latest endeavour.

“Cannot wait. Been waiting for this since Almost Famous,” one user wrote under the post.

Another commented: “Please tell me this is an album.” While a third fan said: “I personally don’t care what this is, I will legit eat up whatever @katehudson puts out because she’s a total badass.”

Last week, the actor released behind-the-scenes footage of herself inside a recording studio with a band. At the time, she captioned the post: “Here we go…she’s coming.”

Hudson behind the scenes inside a recording studio with a band (Kate Hudson Instagram)
Hudson behind the scenes inside a recording studio with a band (Kate Hudson Instagram)

Hudson first revealed her plans to record an album in April 2022, when shared a photo of herself on Instagram singing in a rehearsal space.

"Finally realized it’s time to say f#%! it and saaaannngg!!!!! #albumincoming #myikigai" wrote the Fabletics co-founder in the post’s caption, seemingly referring to music as her "ikigai," which is a Japanese concept that translates to "reason for being."

On 31 December, Hudson also shared a series of photos and videos on her page from her first concert performance which was held on 28 December at Bad Harriet in Aspen, Colorado.

"Well, on the eve of a new year I say bring on 2024!,” Hudson wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

Hudson performing live at Bad Harriet in Aspen (Kate Hudson Instagram)
Hudson performing live at Bad Harriet in Aspen (Kate Hudson Instagram)

She continued: “I vow to sing and play and love and sing and love some more! Life is too short to not lean in to the things you love. Art art and more art. Entertainment and places and outlets we can lose ourselves in. We need it and I’m here for it.”

"So here’s to looking forward and not backward. Love you all and hope you join me on this adventure cause a winds a blowing and I’m going with it HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! Please be safe and loving to all (thank you @hoteljeromeauberge for a Bad Harriet evening that was an absolute blast. To be in my hometown and have a first fun and joyous gig was dreamy)," she wrote.

Hudson’s love for music goes way back but in 2023, she revealed that her “daddy issues” prevented her from pursuing a career in music from a young age.

Speaking on the Table for Two podcast with Bruce Bozzi on 21 February 2023, Hudson said: “Earlier on in my career, I thought I would definitely do music, but then Almost Famous happened,” a film that she starred in when she was just 18.

“But later on I kind of rejected [music] because I was like, ‘You know what?’ – As you do when you’re dealing with daddy issues – ‘I don’t want to connect to that part because that’s my dad. That’s all dad.”

She continued: “If I put that out in the world and people didn’t like it, it would destroy me.”

Hudson’s father, Bill Hudson, married her mother Goldie Hawn in 1976. They had Kate’s brother Oliver that same year, then Kate in 1979. The pair divorced in 1980 and Hudson was raised by her mother’s partner, actor Kurt Russell.