Kate McKinnon got Pete Davidson’s permission to poke fun at his dating life in new Super Bowl commercial

Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson are reuniting – but not in the way you might think.

The “Saturday Night Live” alums are teaming up with each other, along with a cat and many jars of mayonnaise, for a new Super Bowl commercial that will air next month during the big game.

In a commercial for Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Davidson finds a new fling in “Mayo Cat,” a cat who rises to superstardom by uttering the simple word “meow,” which McKinnon mistakes for the animal saying, “mayo.”

When she realizes her cat has a superpower to speak, McKinnon brings the feline on a worldwide press tour and it becomes a media sensation, culminating in a red carpet debut with Davidson, followed by a public breakup plastered on the cover of People magazine, which reads: “Mayo Cat Dumps Davidson.”

“You lasted longer than most,” McKinnon tells her cat in the commercial, poking fun at her former “SNL” co-star, who has famously been linked to Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Kaia Gerber and Kate Beckinsale.

“I made sure to check with him, and he was totally game,” McKinnon told CNN about the Davidson joke.

“He’s a delight. He’s such a sweetie, and he’s so smart. I am a huge fan of him as a comedian and as a person,” McKinnon said about working again with Davidson, who has appeared in previous Hellmann’s Super Bowl commercials. “It’s always so good to see ‘SNL’ people. There’s like a glimmer in the eye and knowing that we did this crazy thing together and here we are. It’s just so good to see each other again. Always.”

Fans of “Saturday Night Live” know that this is not the first time McKinnon has played a cat lady. When she returned to host the show last month, she brought back her infamous skit with Billie Eilish.

McKinnon says that returning to “SNL” as a guest host was a thrill and admits that she misses the show.

Kate McKinnon and Billie Eilish on "SNL" in December. - Will Heath/NBC
Kate McKinnon and Billie Eilish on "SNL" in December. - Will Heath/NBC

“It was so good to just give everyone a hug,” McKinnon said of her “SNL” return. “I am happy ultimately to be able to go to sleep at the time I would normally go to sleep, which is approximately 10 p.m. But I do miss the show and I miss everyone who works there terribly.”

Would she ever want to return again? With the 2024 election coming up, McKinnon, who often portrayed Hillary Clinton on the show, said she would love to make another cameo on the NBC show.

“I hope something pops up,” she said.

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