Kayakers get ‘unreal’ visit from two giant sea creatures in Australia. See the video

A humpback whale and calf were swimming in Australia when a kayak piqued their interest.

After passing the boat in Byron Bay, the duo circled back to get a better look. That’s when the baby whale flipped its tail right into the bottom of the kayak, drone footage taken by Isabella Dobozy shows.

“The kayakers were in one spot about (500 to 600 feet) from shore when these whales approached them,” Dobozy told McClatchy News in a message. “They swam past the kayakers but circled back to have another look at them.”

Dobozy’s video shows the calf swimming above the adult humpback after encountering the kayak. At the top of the frame, another humpback can be seen swimming up to a different kayak.

“A very close encounter for these kayakers,” Dobozy wrote on Instagram. “It’s incredible to see how big the whale calf is, compared to the kayak.”

Some people worried that the kayakers were breaking the law by getting too close to the creatures, but Dobozy said the whales approached the humans, not the other way around.

“The calf was unhappy but the whales swam up to the kayakers,” she wrote on Instagram.

Other people shared their awe at the encounter.

“(That’s) actually so scary how close they were!” one person commented.

“Lol that was a close one … whales especially love getting close to small vessels and the calf is just learning how to keep a distance gently,” another person wrote.

“This is unreal!” a third person commented.

Byron Bay is on the eastern coast of Australia, about 475 miles northeast of Sydney.

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