Ken Jeong reveals why he would make a ‘horrible’ spy

Ken Jeong would make a ‘horrible’ spy as he has a ‘weak spirit’ credit:Bang Showbiz
Ken Jeong would make a ‘horrible’ spy as he has a ‘weak spirit’ credit:Bang Showbiz

Ken Jeong would make a “horrible” spy as he has a “weak spirit”.

The former doctor, 54, stars as a CIA boss in Amazon Prime’s comedy series ‘My Spy’ alongside Dave Bautista, but has opened up about how his character would stop him doing the job in reality.

He told The Guardian when asked if he would make a good spy in real life: “I would make a horrible spy. I have no spy skills.

“I’m a weak man. I have a very weak spirit. I would betray someone very quickly if threatened.

“I’d talk too much and reveal too many secrets and plans.”

Ken also told how he thinks Crystal the capuchin monkey he has worked alongside in several of his projects is a better actor than him.

He added: “I’ve worked with Crystal on a dozen projects – ‘The Hangover’, the TV show ‘Community’ and another movie, ‘The Zookeeper’.

“She is just a miracle. For example, in ‘The Hangover’, (director) Todd Phillips would give a direction and I’d need three or four takes.

“Crystal could literally do it on the spot. I was upstaged by a monkey, and now I’m at peace with that.”

Ken also opened up about his previous career as a doctor, and when asked if he thinks laughter is the best medicine said: “Medicine is the best medicine. “Laughter helps you through life. But – speaking as a proper physician – medicine is the best medicine.”

The actor said the last time he was called on to use his medical skills in public was when he was on a plane and someone was “having some discomfort and there was concern”.

He added: “The flight attendant went to the front of the cabin and said: ‘Is there a doctor on the plane?’

“I literally said – this is honest-to-God true – ‘Well, um, you know, I used to be a doctor.’

“Luckily, there was a happy ending because the person was completely fine and the flight attendant and I had a good laugh afterwards.”