Who killed Buttercup? After mini horse found shot 'between her eyes', investigation launched

A 26-year-old miniature horse named "Buttercup" was found fatally shot in Washington on Monday, and now local authorities and the animal's owner are searching for answers.

Stevie Jacobson told KIRO 7 she found her horse of 15 years dead in the pasture outside a property in unincorporated King County, outside of Seattle.

“Evil. I mean, I have no idea. Why? Why would you?” Jacobson told the TV station.

Investigators believe Buttercup was killed Sunday night, the King County Sheriff's Office told USA TODAY in an email Thursday. There are also no suspects at this time, according to the sheriff's office.

Jacobson told KING 5 she fed the horses on Sunday around 6 p.m.

"Everybody was fine, hunky dory," she told the TV station.

Buttercup shot 'between her eyes,' owner says

When Jacobson arrived at the pasture Monday morning, she found Buttercup dead and saw the bullet "right between her eyes," KING 5 reported.

Questions remain, but Jacobson said the shooting had to have occurred from a distance because there weren't distinguishing marks or prints in the dirt within the pasture.

"Nobody was in the pasture," Jacobson told KING 5. "We've kind of looked around. They had to have done it from up at the road."

As a precaution, Jacobson told KIRO 7 that the property owner moved the other horses into the pasture where Buttercup was killed.

“They were way up high. She was way down in that pasture and they hit this tiny little mini right here," she said. "I mean, that is some serious marksmanship. It’s a little scary that a person like that, that would do this sort of thing, is just out there. Hopefully, we can find them."

Jacobson, 'Peanut' mourn Buttercup

In the interview with KIRO 7, Jacobson said Buttercup was rambunctious and never "wanted to get caught" when out on the property.

"She’d run around and she’d challenge us,” Jacobson told the TV station.

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Not only is Jacobson saddened by Buttercup's death, but another one of her miniature horses named "Peanut" is also affected. She told KIRO 7 that Peanut is blind in one eye and used Buttercup as a support system.

“She really looked at Buttercup for a lot," Jacobson said. "She does OK, but yeah. She looked to her a lot for support."

Jacobson told KING 5 that the two miniature horses were "pair-bonded" and that Peanut would follow Buttercup around.

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