Kirsten Dunst shares photo of son and Spider-Man umbrella. He ‘has no clue’ she was MJ

Imagine watching your favorite Marvel superhero disarm bad guys on the big screen and he turns and kisses… your mom?

Actor Kirsten Dunst has appeared in a lot of iconic movies and television shows, but perhaps one of the most memorable roles she played was Mary Jane “MJ” Watson in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” film series alongside Tobey Maguire, who played Peter Parker and his web-slinging alter-ego Spider-Man.

Recently, Dunst shared a rare photo of one of her sons, James, on Instagram holding a Spider-Man umbrella with the caption “has no clue his mom was MJ.”

Wait, what?

Well, the child is still a bit young to understand the magnitude of fame both his parents have, as his dad is fellow actor Jesse Plemons of “Breaking Bad” fame — which the 2-year-old probably won’t be able to watch for years. But when he does, it will probably be a culture shock.

Both Dunst and Plemons have been very private when it comes to their family, so it’s a rare treat when either share news or photos of James and his older brother Ennis.

It’s not uncommon for children of superstars to be blindly unaware of their parents’ cultural impact. Earlier this year, “Ant-Man” actor Paul Rudd said his son assumed his ageless dad worked in a movie theater up until he was 15, when he realized that Rudd is famous, Buzzfeed reported.

Other children who had no idea their parents are mega famous include Alexa Ray Joel (Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter), Jack Quaid (Dennis Quaid’s son, who is now an actor on “The Boys”), and Hilary Duff’s son Luca, among others.

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