Kitten escapes pet store enclosure to play with puppy


A kitten at a Taipei pet store went to extreme lengths to hang out with its puppy buddy, breaking out of its own pen and then immediately breaking into the puppy’s next door.

Lucky for the internet, the entire escapade was captured on video and posted to the Facebook page of JoLinn Pet House, where the whole debacle occurred.

Here’s how it all went down. In the one-minute clip, the kitten and puppy start off in side-by-side glass cubicals that are open on the top.

It’s not hard to understand why the kitty wanted to make a break for it. From what we can see in the video, these two little bundles of joy live mere millimetres away from each other, yet are prevented from experiencing the joy of playtime due to a thin layer of cold, hard glass.

The grey and white kitten decides enough is enough, and leaps up to the glass edge of its enclosure, dangling by its two front paws and mewing frantically. The puppy, sensing the game is afoot, rushes to the kitty, pressing itself against the corner of its enclosure that abuts that of its feline neighbour. The kitten slowly works itself over its own wall, and then heroically hurls its tiny body onto the edge of the puppy’s cage. It isn’t long before the kitten has tumbled head first into the puppy’s pen. Victory celebrations ensue.

The Great Escape it ain’t, but it least it ended with wagging tails and the adorable frolicking of two baby animals.