Here’s All You Need To Know About Jordan King- the Man Leaving a Mark in Every Possible Industry

Jordan Alexander King is one of the leading businessmen of this generation. This versatile entrepreneur offers his expertise and talent as a financer, real estate developer and start-up investor. He is the man behind AK Enterprises, a holding company, and the parent company of a handful of other businesses.

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One of the biggest labels under AK Enterprises is TUK Capital. TUK Capital is a Consulting firm that has advanced in creative financing and turnkey development project. They offer venture capital funding and private lending for all your real estate needs.

Another important name under Jordan King’s list of ventures is TUK Developments. TUK Developments is an 8-figure real estate holding company. It has been operating for more than 3 years and has made big news in the real estate market. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, TUK Developments has properties all over Ontario. This includes the Niagara region, (Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Port Colborne) Hamilton, Brantford, Oakville and as far north as Sault Ste. Marie. King hopes to expand TUK Developments to the US and build a repertoire for community projects with affordable housing.

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The list doesn't end here. Choice Renovations Canada is another firm that has AK Enterprises as its parent company. Offering home renovations and new constructions, Choice Renovations Canada’s motto is “Building trust through quality work”. They also offer funding solutions for homeowners.

Additionally, Jordan King has a music label! He has worked his Midas touch in this industry as well. He has expanded the music label into a promotional marketing agency. With his prior connections and experience in the industry, he is the perfect match to have made this change. The promotional marketing agency has worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the industry. It is responsible for the debut and subsequent success of many a rising star. King himself made use of his agency and has expanded his skillset. He considers himself an artist. He has recorded songs, hosted live shows, and worked in artist development through this label.

King is credited for his philanthropic work. He believes that he must give back to the world which has bestowed him such success. He remembers the lessons that his parents taught him as a child. Now that he is in a situation to do so, he has taken the opportunity to help his community and positively impact lives. Jordan King says that knowing that he can bring a smile to a less fortunate person, gives him a bigger sense of accomplishment than anything ever could.

Jordan Alexander King hopes to carry on doing the work that he loves. He wants to keep on putting 100% of his time and effort into whatever he does.