Kourtney Kardashian says daughter Penelope, 10, still shares a bed with her: 'We are so close'

Kourtney Kardashian is opening up about her not-so-typical parenting practices, sharing that she still sleeps in the same bed as her 10-year-old, Penelope Disick.

The 43-year-old mother of three got candid about life as a parent during an appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. During the episode, released on Tuesday, Kardashian said that her only daughter is her "mini me to her core," likely because of their special relationship.

"We’ve spent so much time together and spend so much time together and I just, I don’t worry about her," Kardashian said. "She’s slept with me every day since she was born and pretty much still does, unless she has a friend sleepover, unless she leaves me to sleep at Travis’s or Auntie Koko’s or Auntie Kiki’s. But besides that, we are so close."

Kardashian explained that while she and husband Travis Barker continue to live in separate homes, for now, to make the process of blending their families easier on their combined six children, her kids will sometimes spend the night at his place down the street.

"Over the weekend, Penelope and Reign slept [at Barker's house] with him without me. They did not want me there," she explained. "Reign did that three nights in a row and Penelope joined them on the third night. And I said, 'Oh, do you guys want me to stay too?' And she was not having it. They did not want me there."

Kardashian is admittedly not used to spending much time apart from her kids.

"When Mason first went to school, I stayed at school for preschool, I stayed for three weeks thinking just in case he needed me, I couldn’t take it," she said, noting that "no one even knew" she was there. "I slid into this little lodge, I found the wifi, I did my work and I just stayed for three weeks. They had tea, I made tea every day and then he never needed me once. It was good. And then I did probably a week less with each kid, when I took Penelope I stayed for two weeks, when I took Reign I stayed for a week. But I feel like, I just couldn’t do any different."

Her hands-on approach to parenting is something that she's prioritized for as long as she's been a mother, reflecting on times when her sisters would confront her for not working as much or as hard as they did.

"It almost made me feel like, isn’t being a mom good enough? Like being a mom is a full-time job. And there’s not enough hours in the day between school work, between lunches, dinner. I mean, there’s so many things with kids times 3 and now times 6," she said of life with the Barkers. "I truly love it, I feel like it was what I was meant to be. But to balance that with working is hard … I love what I do, I love working but, like, my kids will always be my priority."

With the new filming schedule of the family's show on Hulu, Kardashian has felt more equipped to fulfill her duties as a mother while also getting time to work.

"I also can take my kids to school in the morning, have dinner with my kids every night. Get all of my work done during the day, it’s like a flow," she said. "There’s exceptions where like I probably won’t get to put them to bed. But I will be up early and carpooling in the morning."

In fact, those parts of motherhood are what Kardashian said "feed my soul."

As far as what she puts online about the time that she spends with her children, Kardashian said she's cognizant of not sharing too much on social media.

"I see comments all the time that I’m never with my kids and I just don’t love to post my kids on social media. They don’t love it," she said. "I want my kids to be kids … I crave normalcy as much as we can have it."

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