Kylie Jenner Says Hiring a Dog Nanny for Her 'Multiplying' Canines Was One of Her Best Decisions

The star opened up about being a pet parent to 7 dogs in a chat with Jennifer Lawerence for "Interview Magazine"

<p>Jamie McCarthy/Getty; Kylie Jenner/TikTok</p> Kylie Jenner and her sausage dog named Moo Pants

Jamie McCarthy/Getty; Kylie Jenner/TikTok

Kylie Jenner and her sausage dog named Moo Pants

Kylie Jenner isn't afraid of calling on extra help when it comes to raising her family of pets.

In a conversation with Jennifer Lawrence for Interview Magazine, Jenner touched on a myriad of subjects related to her public persona and personal life — including her duties as a pet mom.

When Lawrence asked the mogul: "What is the best hire you've ever made?" the Kylie Cosmetics founder skipped past the choices made for her numerous business ventures and proclaimed that it was putting a dog nanny on her payroll.

"Probably my dog nanny, since I have seven dogs," Jenner told the Hunger Games star, prompting Lawrence to ask, "Why seven?"

<p> Normie and Bambi Jenner/Instagram</p> Kylie Jenner's dog, Norman

Normie and Bambi Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner's dog, Norman

Jenner laughed and responded by saying, "Because they kept multiplying. One of them had children, and I had to keep the family together."

In 2016, the reality star shared that her dogs, Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi, became parents to two puppies. The surprise birth caused Jenner to miss an appearance at the American Music Awards.

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As of last count, Jenner has 12 pets in total: 7 dogs, four chickens (which she revealed in a 2021 Instagram story, per The U.S. Sun) and a bunny named Bruce.

Quipping about Jenner's pet parenthood, Lawrence told the mogul, "You’re just like your mom. You have litters."

<p>Kylie Jenner/ Instagram</p> Kylie Jenner's dog, Kevin

Kylie Jenner/ Instagram

Kylie Jenner's dog, Kevin

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Elsewhere in their conversation, Lawrence brought up Jenner's sister, asking, "Do you think that you have greyhound dogs because they remind you of Kendall?"

The Kardashians star responded, "Yes, that's a part of it. I love seeing little Kendalls run around, and I think they're just funny. They just make me smile. I was never, like, a Shih Tzu, Pomeranian type of girl."

That statement spurred Lawrence to joke, "I had a half–Italian greyhound/Chihuahua, and I used to call her my Kendall Jenner."

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