Labrador Flawlessly Balances A Burger On His Nose While Wearing Sunglasses

Do you think dogs are the most obedient and fun pets in the world? See how this dog can keep his balance while he has a burger on his nose! Believe it or not, healthy dogs often have a very good balance, as dogs are naturally predatory and need to have a good balance to go hunting. This Labrador Retriever named Duke is very talented as he can stay perfectly balanced while having a burger on his nose and can also wear sunglasses. In addition to having a good balance and wearing sunglasses, Duke also knows how to perfectly follow his owner's orders, as he knows how to wait for instructions to know when the time is right to eat his burger. Duke is a very talented dog!

When dog training is positive and fun, both you and your dog have ample opportunity to enjoy the process as well as the results. To teach your dog anything new, the task must have some sort of reward when it has been successfully completed. It is not realistic to think that your dog is going to perform a simple task, just to please you, the reward must exist, they condition you as an owner to have it practically on hand.

For those dog owners who are less oriented, it is very likely that pampering or celebrating them is not enough, especially when the dog is excited and most likely prefers a cookie to being petted because at the moment you are their momentary obstacle.

In order to convince your dog that each training exercise is just fun, you should keep in mind that specific exercise that you are going to work with more intensity. For most dogs, the most compelling reward is a small but delicious piece of food, such as a wet food pouch or rich, grilled chicken-flavored biscuits.

If you are inexperienced in training your dog or are a novice owner, you should consider enrolling your dog in a formal class (puppies may be educated in "daycare" or pre-novice classes). An interesting evolution in thinking often occurs when several different types of owners meet in training classes for their dogs. Although people can enroll in one class: they usually enjoy the experience so much that they often re-enroll for the next level of training, and then the next and the next. In fact, it's not uncommon for many of these owners to take these training courses for their dogs for years and together, not only because their dog stays in shape, but because they really enjoy the classes and have as much fun as their dog.

Remember that it is extremely important to do practice exercises after what you have learned. Your dog can maintain excellent performance while in class, but can literally "go nuts" in other settings. Therefore, it is essential that as an owner you reinforce the behaviors learned by doing exercises at home, in the yard, playgrounds and why not in crowded shopping centers.

Patient pooch Duke is an extremely good boy, as he sits perfectly still while a juicy burger is balanced on his nose.